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To book one of our Virgin Galactic Space flights please call our  Accredited Space Agent Roxy Cox on 01488 689700 or send an email enquiry to galactic@baileyrobinson.com.

Virgin Galactic Space Flights

As an Accredited Space Agent we know Virgin Galactic Space Flights promise to be the most intense and wonderful travel experience yet. Feel the thrill of launch, the majesty of weightlessness and the intensity of re-entry forces as you experience the most extreme adventure yet…SPACE!

This awe-inspiring journey starts from the moment your booking is made, with membership to possibly the world's most exclusive club offering privileged access with a high degree of involvement to all aspects of the project as it progresses.

Your daytime base for the three day Virgin Galactic Space Flight experience will be Spaceport America in New Mexico, the world’s first purpose built, commercial spaceport and Virgin Galactic’s worldwide headquarters where the space flights will be operated from.

Pre-flight Training 

On arrival into New Mexico, you will be met by a member of the Virgin Galactic team and transferred to the Astronaut Hotel where you can relax in anticipation of the most thrilling days of your life. 

A flight with Virgin Galactic is part of a multi-day, life-changing experience. As a Future Astronaut you will be in New Mexico for 3 days of training before your flight day. This will take place at Spaceport America, plus there is also a full hospitality programme in the wider New Mexico area, which will also be open to friends and family who accompany you on your trip. 

The training programme is split into modules that are dictated by both FAA and Virgin Galactic requirements and other elements that will enhance the overall experience.

Future Astronauts are part of the overall mission crew when you go to space, so you will spend time meeting the team, the pilots and being familiarised with the flight profile, as well as getting to know your fellow Future Astronauts.

You will go through high gravity and micro gravity training, to acclimatise you to the effects of G-force and zero gravity that you will experience on your flight and how best to handle these.

Alongside this, they will be preparing you through private consultations, medical sessions, flight suit fittings and other activities to ensure you are thoroughly familiar with all the safety and emergency procedures.

We do not want anything to distract from the flight experience, so the Future Astronauts will also spend time in a life-like mock-up of the SpaceShipTwo cabin, where you will test your seat configuration and become familiarised with the cabin layout.  This will form part of full rehearsals, so that on flight day as a Future Astronauts you are fully trained, comfortable, confident and ready for the experience of a lifetime.

Launch Day

After two days of flight preparation you are raring to go. Following a special breakfast, you head off with your fellow astronauts to board SpaceShipTwo (SS2), already fuelled and secured to WhiteKnightTwo (WK2), and prepare for take-off. Once take-off procedures have commenced WhiteKnightTwo will power up and take to the runway. The next 45 minutes will see WhiteKnightTwo climb to 50,000 feet while you are free to walk around and enjoy the breathtaking views as the aircraft ascends.

Then, countdown to release with a brief moment of quiet before a wave of unimaginable but controlled power surges through the craft. You are instantly pinned back into your seat by G forces, overwhelmed but enthralled by the howl of the rocket motor and the eye-watering acceleration which has you travelling in a matter of seconds, at almost 3,000mph, nearly four times the speed of sound.

Breaking through the atmosphere’s edges, you see the sky turning from cobalt blue to black while you experience the most thrilling journey of your life. Then, silence. The rocket motor has been switched off and the sheer quiet of space is truly awe-inspiring. You realise that the gravity which has dominated every movement since the day you were born is just not there anymore and using your training, you make a graceful weightless mid-space somersault towards one of the large windows and take in a view seen in countless images and movies. The blue map, curving into the black distance is familiar, but in reality so much more beautiful and provoking emotions that are strong but hard to define. What you are looking at is the source of everything it means to be human.

Then you’re back in your seat and gravity is starting to return. The deceleration produces strong G forces, but your seat is reclined to ease the intensity. You feel the feathered wings of the spacecraft producing a powerful drag as the thickness of the atmosphere increases, then, the G forces quickly ease off and you hear the pilot announce the start of the 45 minute glide home. After landing you attend a flight de-briefing and Splash-down party where you are awarded your astronaut wings, instinctively knowing that life will never quite be the same again.