Vina Vik, Santiago


Unrivalled style and sophistication in the Chilean wine country.

It’s rare that a vineyard grabs attention away from the wine it produces, but then Viña Vik is no ordinary vineyard. The building itself is a stunning piece of modern architecture, with an undulating titanium roof that swirls up to a central point. Most of the walls are floor-to-ceiling glass, which means you get panoramic views out over the vines and valleys, with the imposing Andes in the distance. But you might find your eyes drawn inwards even with that impressive vista, because Viña Vik is almost an art gallery in itself. Walking the corridors, you’re confronted with a kaleidoscope of paintings, sculpture, stylised furniture and wall decoration.

Each of the 22 suites at Viña Vik is individually designed, and no two are alike. All are ultra-stylish, but you’ll want to sneak a peak into some of the other rooms to see what avant-garde treats you can uncover.

There’s plenty more to do than just admire your surroundings though. You can take a private guided tour around the winery to learn more about its architectural innovations; tour the 1,000 acres of vines by truck, horse or car; or at harvest time it’s even possible to get involved with the harvesting itself and experience a midnight vine-to-vat wine-making experience

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A private transfer can take you to Vina Vik which is two hours by car from Santiago.

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