The Liming

Saint Vincent & the Grenadines

Small but perfectly formed, the Caribbean island of Bequia, located in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is just seven miles square. Topped by Mount Peggy, swathed by steamy jungle and encircled by golden sands, Bequia is untouched by mass tourism and is the perfect place to experience true Caribbean hospitality and chic, low-key tropical living.

The Liming, found on the southernmost tip of Bequia is a collection of spacious, elegant villas that cater to everyone from privacy-seeking couples to multi-generational family groups with one-to-five-bedroom villas dispersed around the leafy gardens. Here, you can have your own space -albeit a vastly luxurious one- with large private pool, ocean views, indoor/outdoor living areas and a hot tub. The on-site restaurant has a gorgeous terrace that stretches out over the sea, where boats can moor up at will, to enjoy fresh seafood with a Caribbean twist. Alternatively, a chef can come to your villa to prepare a BBQ or sushi feast.

Although the stunning beaches and turquoise sea at The Liming are hard to resist, pretty Bequia is well worth a little exploring.  Guests are free to visit sister property Bequia Plantation Hotel and enjoy Admiralty Bay views and the gorgeous curvy pool. From The Liming you can walk through the varied vegetation to come out on top of Mount Peggy for glorious views over the Caribbean. The famed beach of Princess Margaret can be accessed on foot via the Belmont walkway and further afield the turtle sanctuary makes a lovely morning out. Back in the comfort of your villa, order a masseuse to come to your room, or try a rum punch at sundown for a true taste of the Caribbean.


Bequia is part of the of Saint Vincent & the Grenadines. Take an international flight from the UK to Barbados or Saint Lucia then take an internal flight (45 minutes) on to Bequia.

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