The Brando

French Polynesia

Tropical islands and flourishing biodiversity in Marlon Brando’s personal retreat.

The Tetiaora atoll is made up of a dozen small white sand islands surrounding an emerald lagoon. It’s your own little slice of paradise to explore. But don’t just take our word for it, Marlon Brando was so captivated that he bought the atoll, calling it “more gorgeous than anything I had anticipated.”

Unlike other resorts, you won’t find accommodation scattered in the sea or infringing on the beach. Thatched roofed villas are set away from the sand and hidden under the palms. Rooms are light and spacious, boasting their own private beach area and plunge pool. With in-villa dining, we could think of nowhere better to hole-up, other than the immaculate spa, of course.

When you embark on a nature trail, a local biologist by your side, it’s easy to see why Brando was so passionate about preserving the eye-watering natural beauty and biodiversity ­– there’s an abundance of marine life and bird life to discover on foot or bicycle.

And with Michelin accredited chef, Guy Martin, overseeing the Polynesian and French-style dishes in the kitchen, and a new teppanyaki table, beach pergola and vegan menu in the pipeline, dining at The Brando is soon to be as tempting as Tetiaora’s turquoise waters.


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Tetiaroa is thirty miles north of Tahiti. Incredibly remote, it’s a twenty-minute small aircraft flight to get here.

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