Bensley Collection – Shinta Mani Wild, Cardamom National Park


Hotels don’t come much wilder than this. Boutique tented hotel Bensley Collection – Shinta Mani Wild is found in the Kirirom nature sanctuary located in the heart of the Cardamom mountains, deep in Cambodian jungle.  This extraordinary venture is the brainchild of Bill Bensley, hotel guru and creator of established design hubs such as The Siam, Bangkok and Capella Ubud.

Your arrival into Shinta Mani Wild might be an indication of the kind of hotel this is. You can choose to come crashing through the canopy to enter reception by zipline if  you like. But don’t let this adventure-fuelled entry put you off. This is a place of extreme comfort with a dedication to aligning with nature around you. The riverside tents are vast, with a luxurious safari vibe, with free-standing tubs, hammocks and a ‘Bensley butler’ on call. Here you can immerse yourself in nature – gaze at the mesmerising river while helping yourself from your mini bar (a chest freezer-sized fridge filled with premium spirits, fine wine and champagne). Get closer to the river to swim under waterfalls, fish for prawn, or cool off in the tanker-style pool.

What is also extremely admirable is the hotel’s dedicated to the environment. Shinta Mani Wild acts as a force for good in this remote wilderness, protecting it from poaching, mining and logging. You can partake in anti-poaching missions, heading out on the back of a motorbike to check for traps. Staying in a place that offers unfiltered access to a raw and rugged nature has a powerful effect.  This is transformative travel at its best.

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Bensley Collection Shinta Mani Wild sits in the Kirriom nature sanctuary located in the heart of the Cardamom mountains, around a three-hour drive from Phnom Penh.

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