Sal Salis, Western Australia


Camping in style where dramatic terrain meets vibrant reef.

You’ll find Sal Salis, Ningaloo Reef in the most spectacular place. Hidden amongst the dunes where the outback meets the sparkling Indian Ocean, 16 eco-luxe tents provide a truly unique setting. Explore Western Australia’s coral coast – perhaps the country’s best kept secret.

The Ningaloo Reef is rightly the main attraction here. Just metres from the shore, it’s home to a wealth of colourful corals and plenty of marine life. Gentle giants grace the warm water too. Swim with whale sharks or humpback whales for truly unforgettable experiences. Snorkel along the coral with the sun on your back or kayak out to Blue Lagoon and see reef sharks and graceful turtles in this natural aquarium.

It’s not just the water that’s full of life either. The dunes and gorges of the Cape Range National Park are teeming with red kangaroo, emus and echidnas. Trekking through the wilderness with your safari guide is not to be missed.

Sal Salis is the epitome of camping in style. The chic tents are raised off the ground so the ocean breeze keeps you cool. You won’t find any televisions or mini bars inside but the stunning landscape and the song of the butcherbird in the air is more than enough to keep you entertained. For reconnecting with nature and switching off from the modern world, there is no better place.

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Sal Salis is wonderfully remote, set on the remarkable coast of Western Australia. Fly to Exmouth from Perth and we will arrange a private transfer to the camp.

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