Rocky Mountaineer


A journey of a lifetime through the breathtaking Canadian wilderness.

Step aboard the Rocky Mountaineer and experience vast mountains, thundering rivers and endless pine forests that create a spectacular vista from the comfort of your seat. This could easily be the best train journey you will ever take.

Large parts of this dramatic landscape are virtually inaccessible, yet you’ll be able to see them all, and in style too. Enjoy the best that British Columbia and Alberta have to offer while sampling the world-class cuisine of the Pacific Northwest.

Treat yourself to the Gold Leaf experience and enjoy uninterrupted views thanks to the glass dome ceiling. To feel the wind in your hair and capture the best photos, the open air section of each carriage is highly recommended. For us, it’s certainly worth the upgrade.

With a number of routes to choose from we can find you the perfect journey to suit. Take in the snow-capped mountains of Whistler, the quintessentially Canadian town of Banff or the rippling waters of Lake Louise. This is more than just a train journey. It’s the trip of a lifetime.

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The Rocky Mountaineer offers plenty of itineraries, with many starting in Vancouver, Calgary or Seattle. It’s a fantastic way to see the varied landscape of the east of Canada in the utmost comfort.

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