Palace Hotel Tokyo, Tokyo


Chic decor, delectable cuisine and spectacular views of the city.

Renovated, rejuvenated and reopened; the iconic Palace Hotel now offers contemporary luxury in one of Tokyo’s most desirable locations.

When you’re perched high above the city on your spacious private balcony, there really is no better sight. For us, the south-facing rooms have the edge. You could gaze out over the Imperial Gardens and skyscraper-filled skyline for hours.

An entire floor is dedicated to dining. You’ll find no fewer than eight restaurants, ranging from classic French to modern Japanese. Wadakura provides a journey through regional cuisine. A tempura bar and teppanyaki grill serve up exquisite dishes. In the winter months, the renowned fugu is available for the brave.

Venture out of the hotel and the Imperial Palace is just a short walk away. Wander through the manicured grounds and gardens and discover a more tranquil side of the bustling city. You’re right in the heart of the shopping hub of Tokyo, so a spot of retail therapy is very much in order.

Japan’s first Evian Spa waits back at the hotel to help you relax after a day of walking the busy streets. It provides an inimitable combination of French expertise and Asian therapies to create a refined wellness experience.

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The Palace Hotel sits in the Marunouchi District of Tokyo, an area full of dining and shopping destinations. The hotel also has direct access to the underground, which makes getting around much easier.

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