Necker Island

British Virgin Islands

A private paradise of the utmost luxury.

Celebrate the finer things in life with a visit to this private jewel in the sparkling Caribbean. You’re actively encouraged to treat this place as your own, and there is so much to help you feel right at home.

Necker Island can be exclusively yours if you would like. Private groups of up to 34 can indulge and unwind, while couples and families are more than welcome too. There are certain weeks of the year  where individual couples can stay on the island and it doesn’t have to be taken exclusively.

There is a wealth of options for dining each as mouth-watering as the last. Themed nights mean dinner at the Great House is never a dull affair. Enjoy a casual lunch in the dappled shade on Turtle Beach after a sailing race around the island. Lounge around a bonfire on the sand and relax with candlelit cuisine as the waves crash on the shore.

You’ll find a range of complimentary activities to keep you entertained. How about zip-lining down to Turtle Beach for a start? Steady winds make the sea perfect for kite surfing. Snorkelling and diving let you explore the rich habitat beneath. Enjoy a spot of tennis surrounded by verdant trees or follow the island trails through the leafy landscape, if you need something other than unwinding on picturesque sand that is.

Between the Great House and individual Bali Houses dotted across the island, you’ll find your perfect accommodation. The Bunker Room is strictly kids only and plenty of fun for younger guests.

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Necker Island sits in the Virgin Islands chain and is a 30-minute boat ride from Tortola. Helicopter transfers can be arranged.

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