Explora Rapa Nui, Easter Island


Enjoy eco-friendly elegance and dramatic landscapes alongside the unique, evocative statues of Easter Island.

Getting up close and personal with the Easter Island statues is a remarkable experience. The exact purpose of the statues, called ‘Moai’ in the native tongue, is still unknown – as is why the native Rapa Nui people bankrupted themselves to build them. The enigmatic statues are captivating, and worth the trip to this far-flung corner of the world on their own.

But Easter Island has plenty more to offer. Set out on small guided tours on some of the 20 adventures available, and take in the prairies, beaches, volcanoes and cliffs of this untamed island. If you can, we recommend visiting in February for a celebration of Polynesian culture at the Tapati festival.

The hotel itself is a stunning piece of architecture, seeming to grow organically out of the hills. The rooms are elegant and spacious – think bare stone and wood panelling. This is a place to come for peace and privacy (you won’t find TVs or wifi in the rooms; only in the common areas). After a long day’s exploration, sink into the pool or Jacuzzi, before catching up with guides and friends at the Explorer’s Bar, to plan tomorrow’s trip out into the wild.

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You can fly to Easter Island from either Santiago or Tahiti in around five hours. From there, the hotel will collect you for the 15-minute transfer.

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