Denis Private Island


Sunshine and simple pleasures on a deserted paradise eco island.

Just a tiny speck in the Indian Ocean, Denis Island is where to go if you want to really escape from it all. Little wifi, no phones, just an authentic Robinson Crusoe experience. Denis is a completely private coral islet, only 375 acres in total. You’ll find coconut palms fringing the pristine white sand beaches, and elegant cottages nestled near the shore in lush tropical gardens.

Everything on Denis is designed to maintain the unspoilt environment, so you’ll find furniture and finishings built at the carpentry workshop on the island in your rooms, all of which are bright, spacious and colourful. The cottages are separated by the island’s natural vegetation, so you get a sense of splendid isolation as you lounge on your veranda.

Let the islands experts give you a guided tour of the flora and fauna, with many endemic birds, the bird watching is spectacular. As is the marine life, so grab a snorkel and swim out from the shore or go diving to see turtles, rays and whale sharks. The farm on the island is also worth a visit if only to see where the wonderful dishes served to you come from. Farm to fork, only island style.

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Denis Island is a 30-minute flight from Mahe.

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