&Beyond Mnemba Island, Zanzibar


Romantic seclusion on a picture-perfect private paradise island.

The tiny island of Mnemba, just off the north coast of Zanzibar, takes only 45 minutes to walk around. But as soon as you step ashore from the balmy ocean onto the warm white sand beach, and enjoy a welcome from the friendly laid-back staff, you’ll never want to leave.

There are never more than 20 guests at a time on the island, so the service is second-to-none (the island has hosted royalty more than once, so they must be doing something right.) You’ll stay in a beautiful thatched roof banda, with the ocean just a few feet away. Dinner is served every night on the beach, with the surf lapping at your toes.

Mnemba is a nature-lover’s paradise, with antelope, duiker, turtles, dolphins and plenty else to be found if you set off to explore. Scuba-diving is included in your stay, along with dhow cruises, paddleboarding and kayaking. Or, of course, you could relax in the sun and do absolutely nothing at all.

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Mnemba Island is just under two hours’ car and speedboat transfer from Zanzibar International Airport.

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