Belmond Hotel Monasterio, Cusco


Character, history and authentic luxury at the heart of Cusco.

With a stay at Belmond Hotel Monasterio, you will be transported back in time. As the epicentre of the Inca and Spanish empires, here you’ll discover a centuries-old setting full of authenticity and character. The impressive arches and stonework of the monastery make the most amazing backdrop. A traditional chapel and genuine gold artefacts await inside.

You’ll find your inviting room or suite full of traditional style and modern amenities. Make yourself at home amid Spanish colonial artwork, elegant carved wooden furniture and marbled bathrooms. It’s a truly luxurious and comfortable place to unwind.

Part of the joy of a stay here is the hotel’s team. The Peruvian staff cater to your every need, as exceptional hosts in this historic location. Whether it’s the friendly concierges or the first-rate chefs, nothing is too much trouble.

From the Monasterio venture out and explore the unique city around you. High in the Peruvian Andes, Cusco boasts a labyrinth of cobbled streets lined with exquisite architecture and local colour. You’ll find quirky bars and restaurants in abundance. Enjoy a Pisco sour with the most spectacular views.

Dining at Hotel Monasterio is something else. The quinoa porridge for breakfast is not to be missed while the finest opera singers serenade you as you dine beneath the arches. Yet another reason why this hotel will live long in your memory.

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You’ll find Hotel Monasterio in the historic city of Cusco high in the Peruvian Andes. The airport is twenty minutes away while the unmissable Machu Picchu.

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