Antarctic Air Cruise, Antarctic


Discover a frozen wilderness and breathtaking landscapes in luxury and comfort.

Embark on a voyage of a lifetime and discover the dramatic delights of Antarctica in comfort. Cruise past the South Shetland Islands, sail along ice-filled fjords and get up close to spectacular icebergs. This is the only way to explore the vast frozen wilderness.

A trip to the most southerly continent used to mean a turbulent crossing through the Drake Passage. Well, not any more thanks to Antarctic Air Cruise. Take a two-hour flight instead of a two-day boat ride and reach your well-furnished ship. Set off on your six day adventure to witness the unique sights that await.

The Air Cruise ships are smaller than most, offering a number of advantages. More like private yachts than cruise ships, they offer an unrivalled standard of service and luxury. These expedition vessels go where larger ships can’t reach, giving access to unbelievable landscapes and animal encounters. With just 71 guests, you’ll spend more time exploring than waiting, while the attentive expedition crew can also take a more hands on approach with fewer people to organise.

Push through the wilderness and see whales breaching, penguins and seals darting through the water and seabirds gliding overhead. Get down to sea level in a Zodiac boat and feel the icy spray of seawater on your cheeks. Kayaking and snowshoeing bring out your inner explorer, while impromptu sledging in the sun is unforgettable.

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Your journey starts in Punta Arenas in Chilean Patagonia where your plane awaits. After a short flight south, you’re ready to begin your adventure

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