Shelley Cross

Personal Travel Designer

It’s amazing to think that Shelley didn’t get on a plane until she was 19, in her first job in travel. Today, travel defines not only Shelley’s work but also her free time – it’s not an understatement that she lives and breathes travel! Shelley always has a trip in the pipeline and loves solo travel – and is at her happiest when exploring a new country, absorbing culture.

Shelley gets huge satisfaction in her job as a Personal Travel Designer and loves that her travel experiences can inspire clients to take that trip they’ve always wanted to. Shelley has the ability to craft a truly unforgettable holiday – whether it’s a short break to the vineyards of Tuscany, a family holiday to Mauritius, skiing in Whistler or a journey across the islands of New Zealand.

My favourite city is Vancouver, I lived here for two years and believe it has everything: beaches, lakes, mountains, unrivalled scenery and one of the most walkable cities in the world. Although America’s Deep South also holds a special allure for me; Nashville, Memphis and New Orleans all wowed me with their welcoming people and all-pervading music that gets under your skin. I was totally stunned by the Cinque Terre, an incredible place that made me fall hard for Italy. It also ignited my passion for photography – now I love to explore the world through the lens of my camera.

Selected Destinations