Central & South America

Central and Southern America is often the last continent still to be visited by many travellers. Yet with its dramatic landscapes, incredible Andean scenery and Latin temperament, we highly recommend you add it to your travel wish list. It’s a continent of contrasts, from tropical Mexico to the glaciers of Argentina, the gateway to Antarctica. The national parks in Chile and the Galapagos rival those in Africa. And the mighty Amazon spans multiple countries and is the size of southern Africa.

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Argentina is a heady mix of colossal natural wonders, pulse-racing tango, cosmopolitan flair and passionate people.
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Part Caribbean paradise and part Central American jungle, beautiful Belize brings you the very best of both worlds.
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Think you know South America? Think again. Bolivia sits bold, rugged and surreal in the centre of the continent gazing down from the highest plains and Andean peaks towards moon-like salt flats and largely undiscovered jungle.
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White-sand beaches, tropical rainforest and hip-shaking samba cities: it’s impossible not to fall for Brazil’s countless charms.
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Experience nature on a serious scale with Chile’s parched desertscapes, fertile valleys, massive glaciers and mountains to rival the Himalayas.
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Modern day Colombia is a vibrant and exciting country that reaches from the Amazon and the Orinoco in the south over the Andes to its Pacific and Caribbean coasts in the north.
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Costa Rica

Costa Rica is an intoxicating blend of steaming rainforests, smouldering volcanoes, tumbling rivers, palm-fringed beaches and abundant bird and wildlife.
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Ecuador & the Galapagos Islands

Wildlife, nature and scenery on a truly symphonic scale.
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Guatemala is where you can still hear the heartbeat of ancient Mayan civilisation.
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Mexico is a land of jungle ruins and vast deserts. A flourish of colour and a burst of flavour. Discover ancient cultures and sugar-white beaches.
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Peru is a land of extremes. Soaring altitudes give way to dense jungle, ancient ruins neighbour colonial reminders and Machu Picchu is just the start…
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Often overlooked for neighbouring Brazil and Argentina, Uruguay is a hidden gem of vast open countryside, dramatic Atlantic coast and a cosmopolitan capital.
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