Feel silken sand between your toes, explore tropical jungles and excite your taste buds with fragrant cuisine. Thailand is a treat for all your senses.


The Andaman coast and the coast of Southern Thailand are all about tropical beach and sea life. It’s a region of lush virgin rainforests, dramatic limestone crags and broad sweeping sands. As you punt around the karst limestone rocks of Koh Yao Noi by sea kayak, or explore the fine beaches and aquamarine seas of Koh Lanta Yai, you might begin to think of Thailand as the ultimate relaxing paradise. It is, and so much more.

Bustling Bangkok is a world away from the white beaches of the coast. A mix of modern and traditional and a real shock to the senses. Explore the golden towers of the Royal Palace and countless Buddhist temples, wander busy streets scattered with food stalls and delightful scents hanging heavy in the air, and revel in the nightlife which this sprawling metropolis has become renowned. Encompassing five-star luxury hotels and authentic riverside markets, Bangkok is a city to suit everyone.

For a slower pace head to Chiang Mai, where ancient sits easily with modern and over 300 temples cling to the stunning mountainous backdrop. You will have the option of trekking in the highlands and mountains of the Golden Triangle, and meeting hill tribes in their exquisitely crafted costumes – something we heartily recommend.

Exquisite food will accompany you throughout your trip. Combinations of fresh lemongrass, kaffir lime and fiery chilli create a unique cuisine you can’t help but love. Visit roadside vendors for hot and sour tom yum or indulge in a culinary adventure of fragrant Thai curries, fried rice and spicy seafood. It’s as much a reason to visit as any idyllic beach.

When to go

The best time to visit Thailand is from November to February when the weather is dry and sunny. The beaches are faced with two weather systems which bring tropical rains at different times of the year, making it possible to enjoy Thailand’s beaches all year round. During the British winter, head for the west coast and in summer, the east coast.

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