To visit Oman is to discover authentic Arabia, a capital of bustling souks and towering minarets.


A world away from the glitz of its Arabian neighbours, Oman provides a real taste of the Middle East with a wealth of attractions.

From utterly its glorious mountain and desert landscapes to its long glistening coastline, Oman offers a different side to the Middle East. Blessed with an outstanding amount of natural beauty, it is a charming, captivating and warm place to visit.

In Muscat you’ll find palaces and mosques at every turn, each more impressive than the last. At night the glowing domes stand out from the modern architecture that surrounds them while inside a breathtaking trove of ornate gold and vivid blues awaits. To wander around silk bazaars and  maze-like souks, where the scent of frankincense hangs heavy in the air, is to be transported to an exotic world which seems further away than it actually is.

Rich in culture and history, Oman’s is worth much more than a stopover and if you venture out of the city you’ll discover dramatic gorges and hidden wadis. Swathes of damask roses carpet the rugged Al Hajar Mountains where the spectacular scenery is matched by luxurious places from which to stay and take it all in. A trip to the coast should also be on your wish list – the Musandam Peninsular’s reefs teem with life, such as gliding rays and hawksbill turtles who make themselves at home among the coral. And its beaches are just perfect too.

When to go

May to August in Oman can see temperatures regularly climb above 40°C, making enjoyable sightseeing near impossible. The winter months have a much more pleasant, Mediterranean feel so consider travelling during them if you can.

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