Often overlooked in favour of its neighbours, Montenegro is an eclectic mix of culture, beaches and natural beauty.


Literally translated as Black Mountain, Montenegro takes its name from the untouched, primeval forestry that covers the rugged landscape. In the Bay of Kotor, fjords cut through the mountains to create some startling scenery. Walking the cobbles in Kotor’s old town, in the imposing presence of the cities 15-metre-high Roman fortifications, transports you back centuries while UNESCO listed ruins provide the backdrop

The capital, Podgorica, isn’t the metropolis you might expect. Built up around the meeting points of five rivers, it offers a heady mix of ancient Turkish architecture with more recent, Soviet, influences. Podgorica is developing fast and its central location makes it a natural hub for your travels.

With over 290 kilometres of immaculate coastline, 117 beaches and over 250 days of sun every year, Montenegro is the perfect spot for sun seekers. None more so than the crisp, white beaches of Budva and Mogren. Endless miles of sands give way to rocky coves only accessible by boat, meaning there’s something for everyone. For the adventurous, a 7 kilometre hike along the coast to Sveti Stefan provides glimpses of the iconic island city resort. These days, it’s a luxury resort but its past varies from royal weddings to Ottoman crusades, by way of being a playground for some of the most famous stars of the 60s and 70s.

When to go

June to September are the best times to visit Montenegro. Slightly outside of peak season but still getting the weather – and with a direct flight clocking in at around three hours, it’s easily accessible.

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