Tread the pink beaches that meet turquoise seas. Explore crumbling ruins and rugged gorges. Encounter proud people in the vibrant tavernas while sipping on homemade raki.


Crete is the largest of the Greek islands and we recommend you begin your exploration where it all started; picking your way around crumbling columns of the Minoan ruins found across the island. Discover Knossos and navigate the time-worn walls as the sun beats down. Explore artefacts with a visit to the Iraklio Archaeological Museum, just a few miles away.

If you’re looking for relaxation, the north coast city of Chania is ideal. Wander the narrow shopping streets and vibrant Venetian Quarter. Frequent the myriad tavernas on the waterfront or hit the coast until you find a quiet beach to unwind on.

Food is more than just a meal in Crete, it’s a way of life. Almost every village will produce its own delightful cheese, meat and wine. The surrounding water is bountiful too, providing restaurants with the freshest seafood. The Cretans are a proud and friendly people, so we recommend you accept their warm welcomes and take every opportunity to sample some of their speciality dishes.

When to go

The summer season starts early and ends late so mid-May to June and late-September through October offer good weather.

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