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Our team have decades of first-hand experience, and combined with our dedicated contacts on the ground, we handcraft your holiday using our ultra-personalised approach.

Managing Director

Rory Pilkington

Managing Director

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Rory Pilkington

"Our travel experiences and expectations vary hugely. My highlight to date is exploring the tropical rainforests of Borneo with my family. But I’m always intrigued by other people’s travel aspirations. Turning them into a reality is a true pleasure for me.”

Rory’s induction to the travel industry was leading safaris in East Africa and over a number of years his travels have strengthened an encyclopaedic knowledge of the globe and its vagaries. At Bailey Robinson he has been instrumental in expanding the company.

With Rory’s input Bailey Robinson has become one of the most respected luxury travel operators within the industry. He is constantly looking for new destinations and exciting travel experiences to tempt the traveller. As a man who is au fait with both luxury and adventure, he is perfectly positioned to ensure Bailey Robinson delivers both.

Personal Travel Designers

Sarah Parker

Sales Director

Sarah Parker

“The more remote or intriguing a destination is, the bigger the challenge. This is where I can let my passion for designing complex trips shine through, and unleash my first-hand experience gathered from across the globe.”

From Australasia, Asia, the Indian Ocean and the Caribbean, Sarah has developed a flair for organising unusual journeys and immersive itineraries, some of which encompass trips that circumnavigate the globe.

When Sarah herself travels, she travels hard and often visits multiple hotels in the name of research.  Recently she inspected fourteen Maldives hotels on one trip. Her dedication knows no bounds and you can rely on Sarah to give you an honest opinion whether that’s the best Six Senses hotel, behind the scenes at North Island or where in the world to go for a yoga retreat.

Sarah Woodthorpe

Personal Travel Designer

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Sarah W

"I believe once you’ve seen the sun rise and set in a destination, you’ve got a real measure of it. That’s why I’m often up at dawn, watching the sunrise in Santorini or observing the day drawing to a close over the Indian Ocean. These special times of day cast a glow over my surrounds, creating that ‘holiday feeling’ when everything is just right - something I always strive to design for my clients. ”

For Sarah, it’s not just how a place looks, it’s how it feels. And with over 20 years of experience in the travel industry, Sarah’s luxe radar is finely tuned. A stickler for the finer things in life, she is known for her dedication in making holidays no less than perfect, often adding in spoiling extras to surprise her clients.

With her meticulous eye for detail, Sarah advises on a huge range of experiences the world over. Her diversity of first-hand knowledge can be applied to camping in the desolate wilds of Oman, a culinary tour of America’s Deep South or the challenges of a happy family holiday in Europe to name but a few.

Stephanie Carthy

Personal Travel Designer

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Stephanie Carthy

“I am the daughter of ‘ten pound poms’ so it’s no wonder the desire to travel and explore has been in my blood from an early age. Clients put a lot of trust in me when they ask me to plan their dream holiday which is an incredible privilege and extremely rewarding."

Raised in Australia but with England as home, Stephanie brings extensive first-hand experience across all seven continents, with a particular interest in the Indian Sub-Continent, South East Asia, South America, Australasia and Caribbean regions. During her 20+ years in the travel industry she has developed a flair for designing thoughtful and creative itineraries.

Stephanie is proud to have arranged client experiences that include camping with the emperor penguins in the Antarctic interior; standing at 90 degrees north at the North Pole; discovering Australia’s last frontier – the Kimberley; witnessing the procession of a thousand monks in Myanmar and galloping with gauchos through northern Patagonia.

Ben Oxley-Brown

Personal Travel Designer

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Ben Oxley-Brown

"I am at my happiest off the beaten track looking for combinations of exceptional experiences. Whether you are looking for a simple bush camp deep in the untamed savannah or prefer the idea of a wildly luxurious lodge, I know each has its place and I look forward to matching you with the right fit for the most incredible holiday."

Ben has been exploring Africa for well over twenty years and is yet to curb his voracious appetite for the continent.  Safari is Swahili for journey and with Ben’s passion and encyclopedic knowledge of each country, he curates extraordinary journeys across Africa, thoughtfully designed for his clients.

From helicopters down the Rift Valley in East Africa, diving with whale sharks in Mozambique, to tracking wild dog in Zimbabwe, to living amongst the Maasai,  Ben lives and breathes Africa.  He knows the inside track on where to go when, the best guides and the hottest lodges.

Concierge Team

Clare Morris

Client Concierge

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Clare Morris

“I’ve always had a laser sharp approach to detail and my role as Client Concierge means I can use these skills to arrange the stand-out extras. Flying in private chefs, arranging a magical birthday surprise or filling the fridge with a client’s favourite wine is all in a day’s work for me.”

Always one for making sure every “i” is dotted and every “t” is crossed, Clare ensures all client holidays run smoothly and efficiently, without any glitches. Up for a challenge especially at short notice, Clare excels at creating those unforgettable moments.

When she’s not head down in travel specifics, Clare likes to merge holidaying with her other passion: gastronomy, honed by a year living in Spain. For her, the perfect trip would be a country such as Vietnam where the fusion of French and Vietnamese food makes a match made in heaven.

Product & Marketing

Caroline Coetzee

Head of Product

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Caroline Coetzee

"A postcard sent to the wrong address sparked my infatuation with travel at age of eight, and a lifetime of adventure was born. A love of wildlife and remote places means I’m always on the lookout for sensational experiences for our clients.”

Having lived in Africa and wandered extensively across the globe, Caroline’s fascination for safari has allowed her to hone her craft as an Africa expert, although the islands of the Indian Ocean are also her speciality.

With a wealth of experience both working with properties as a ground handler and working within luxury travel, Caroline’s passion for sourcing and creating one-of-a-kind experiences runs deep. Always on the lookout for the new, authentic and bespoke, she is happiest when she has found something truly out of the ordinary to wow Bailey Robinson clients.

Amy Gerrard

Product Manager

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Amy Gerrard

“As Bailey Robinson’s Caribbean specialist, it’s my job to match our clients with their perfect Caribbean holiday. Having personally experienced how different the islands are, I can tell you the best place for a rum punch sundowner or where to go for secluded sailing.”

The Caribbean holds a special place in Amy’s heart for its welcoming people, the islands individual charm and the sheer natural beauty. Consequently, Amy is Bailey Robinson’s go-to on all things Caribbean – there isn’t much she doesn’t know!

Amy quickly discovered travel as her calling. Starting her career within the concierge department her expertise grew after discovering areas of USA, Europe, Asia and the Caribbean. Now Amy performs the role of Caribbean Product Manager and looks after all flights for Bailey Robinson.

Louise Hughes

Marketing Manager

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“Transformative is an often-used word in travel marketing, but I truly believe that holidays can enrich our lives, create life-long memories and provide a fresh perspective. To work in a field which facilitates this is an absolute pleasure.”

Working in travel marketing means really understanding Bailey Robinson clients’ needs whilst simultaneously anticipating how travel trends shift. Based on this and in conversation with the team, Lou seeks out experiences, hotels and destinations that she knows our clients will want to hear about. This is communicated to Bailey Robinson clients via a steady stream of newsletters, magazines and events.

Unfortunately, Lou has found that this means her own travel wish list grows at an astonishing rate! And having worked in travel for over 15 years, the list shows no sign of slowing down. Lou is a firm believer in exploring the world two weeks at a time and has had some of her best experiences in Jordan, Western USA and the Maldives.

Katie Oxley-Brown

Marketing Manager

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“Growing up I was the ultimate bush child experiencing adventures that I could only dream of giving my own children. Now with my role, I can inspire people to travel and give their children experiences that they will never forget."

From such an enchanting childhood living in Africa, India & Pakistan, it was inevitable that Katie would work in travel. Having experienced first-hand the freedom and diversity that Africa gave her, Katie is passionate about immersive experiences whether that’s a remote walking safari, a private island escape or camping in the desert through her extensive travel in Kenya, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, Seychelles, Mauritius, Madagascar & Mozambique.

Now working within marketing, with 16 years under her belt, Katie channels her appreciation of our diverse planet and its different cultures by creating material she instinctively knows will appeal to our clients. By organising events with a travel focus, producing the inspirational Bailey Robinson magazines & website and co-ordinating luxury brand partnerships, Katie ensures our clients hear about the best of the world’s experiences.

Harriet Whiting

Content Manager

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“I’m a rare breed in that I actually love hearing about others’ holidays and often purposefully turn the conversation to travel. Come back from a trip and I’ll want a full debrief, from what was on the breakfast menu to how clear the sea was.”

Luckily for Harriet, all the information she gleans from her travel inquisitions helps her build a detailed picture of Bailey Robinson’s destinations and hotels, and her words make up the content for our magazines, newsletters and website copy – sending our clients into a frenzy of wanderlust.

Harriet has also travelled widely herself, adding to her repertoire of experience. A seven-month trip to Africa at the age of 18 gave Harriet the travel bug and malaria. Undeterred, she has continued to travel, exploring across six continents, learning how to balance backpacking with luxury hotel reviewing for top-sector publications. Often seeking the eco angle, nowadays Harriet prefers quality over quantity.

Have questions? Our knowledgeable team of experts are on-hand to take your call or if you prefer by Zoom. Talk to us about your holiday dreams or challenge us with your travel conundrums.

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