Luxury Holidays Europe

Luxury European holidays have many advantages, one being a short journey time.
Affordable luxury hotels jostle for their place alongside luxury Italian villas, Turkish gulet holidays and Spanish resorts. Whether looking for a rural retreat or a luxury beach holiday then holidays in Europe will have the answer.

Luxury Holidays in Canary Islands
Canary Islands holidays offer a warm Gulf Stream climate and splendid beaches, plus the islands are the perfect place to take a tailor-made holiday escape during the harsh UK winter months.

Croatia Holidays
Croatia claims to be ‘the Mediterranean as it once was’ and Croatia holidays have fast become one of Europe’s most fashionable holidays to take.

Luxury Holidays Cyprus
Cyprus is one of the largest islands in the Mediterranean and over 9,000 years of Roman, Byzantine, Greek and British influences have made it a fascinating cultural melting pot.

Luxury Holidays in France
Those on luxury holidays in France can enjoy the gastronomic delights and varied landscapes the reputed ‘most visited country in the world’ has to offer.

Luxury Holidays Greece
To take a Greece holiday brings the visitor to a land of contrasts as Greece is the birthplace of myth, legend, drama and hedonism.

Luxury Italian Holidays
Holidays in Italy have it all; popes, painters, polenta and political scandals. Having been the starting point for many important worldwide artistic and intellectual movements, it is a haven for culture seekers, particularly art lovers.

Malta Holidays
Malta holidays give the chance to explore 7,000 years of history yet live passionately in the present. The Maltese archipelago lies virtually at the centre of the Mediterranean and consists of three islands: Malta, Gozo and Comino.

Luxury Holidays Montenegro
Bordered by four countries and the Adriatic Sea, Montenegro is still a relatively undiscovered luxury holiday gem in Europe’s crown. The country got its name, translated as ‘black mountain’, from the dark mountain forests that cover the land.

Luxury Holidays Portugal
Wherever visitors go on a Portugal and Madeira holidays the pace of life is slow, making them ideal place to wind down.

Luxury Holidays Spain
Spain and Balearics holidays may not be words normally associated together, but a holiday here is more than ‘English’ bars and celebrity DJ clubs. Known for Flamenco music and Costas, Spain is also one of the cultural centres of Europe.

Luxury Holidays Turkey
Holidays to Turkey enjoy breathtaking natural beauty combined with unique historical and archaeological sites. Surrounded on three sides by three different seas, its shores are lined with beaches, bays, coves, ports, islands and peninsulas.