Luxury Africa & Arabia Holidays

Whether looking for North Africa holidays, Arabian nights or a luxury African safari this vast region has a wealth of tailor-made holidays to suit the most discerning traveller.
Luxury holidays to Morocco may offer the hunt for a bargain in the Medina, while African safaris have the thrill of the hunt for a glimpse of big game.

African Safari Botswana
Botswana safaris allow the visitor to enter a wild and prosperous country that makes the right decisions for the right reasons. A country of good governance, that has set aside the highest percentage of land for conservation in the world.

Luxury Egypt Holidays
Egypt is a great winter destination that suits the most eclectic of tastes. The excellent array of luxury resorts means there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Luxury Holidays Jordan
Jordan Holidays show there are many facets of this amazing country and a tailor-made journey to Jordan can help make the most of the delights and resorts on offer.

Luxury Holidays Kenya
Birthplace of the original safari, Kenya still has a fascination and draw for a holiday in Africa. The Kenya safari experience now belongs to conservationists who often run them with local communities, who benefit directly from the revenues generated.

African Safari Madagascar
Madagascar eco-systems are staggeringly beautiful. The west coast has deep bays and well protected and its people are a unique blend of culture of over 20 tribes, with fascinating roots originating initially from Indonesia and Africa.

Luxury Malawi Holiday
Billed as ‘the warm heart of Africa’, Malawi is a real nature lover’s destination. Malawi safaris and holidays give the traveller access to the national parks, Cape Maclear, Kasungu, Lengwe, Liwonde and Nyika.

Luxury Holidays Morocco
From the Mediterranean Coast to the High Atlas Mountains and where Africa and Arabia meet, Morocco is a multifaceted and ethnically diverse country with a rich culture and civilisation, having hosted many travellers since ancient times.

Luxury Mozambique Holidays
The country has distinct areas of natural beauty which can all be toured during your luxury holiday.
Between the continent of Africa and the island of Madagascar, lie a string of spectacular subtropical islands forming one of the earth’s superb underwater wildernesses, the Bazaruto Archipelago.

Namibia Safari Holidays
Namibia safaris and holidays open the traveller to a land of contrast and wonder. Its resorts and lodges allow those to enjoy the surrounds with utter serenity.

Luxury Holidays Oman
Across the Hajar Mountains from the United Arab Emirates lies the Sultanate of Oman, an area best visited during the northern European winter.

Luxury Rwanda Safaris
It is not often considered that there are luxury Rwanda holidays to be had, but the country is becoming more aware of the needs of the more discerning traveller.

South African Safaris
South Africa could be described in many ways; wide open spaces, natural beauty, spectacular mountain ranges, pristine beaches and incredible wildlife. The southern gateway to a vast continent, a safari in South Africa has it all.

Tanzania Safari Holidays
Some of the amazing natural phenomena that holiday visitors will find in Tanzania are the red soil plains of Tarangire, the Ngorongoro Crater and the plains of the Serengeti.

Luxury Holidays Tunisia
To the east of Morocco, between the Sahara Desert and the Mediterranean Sea lies the opportunity of Tunisia, in a fabulously exotic destination within easy reach of northern Europe.

Luxury Safari Uganda
Uganda is little bigger than Great Britain yet it has a unique blend of savannah, rainforest and waterways. It joins with Rwanda across the Virunga Mountains to bring together the world's two premier primate viewing destinations.

UAE Holidays
The United Arab Emirates or UAE is a federation of seven Emirates or principalities, the best known are Dubai and Abu Dhabi which are a lure for those wishing to take luxury holidays.

African Safari Zambia
A Zambia safari brings the traveller to an exceptional variety of wildlife, superb birdlife and an array of accommodation ranging from award winning luxury lodges to simple mobile tented camps.

African Safari Zimbabwe
A Zimbabwe safari and holiday places the traveller in one of Africa's longest established, professional and well-run safari destinations. The guiding is outstanding, the conservation efforts enviable and the quality of holiday accommodation is first class.