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Sungani Lodge and Kulandila Camp, South Luangwa

Two surprisingly stylish properties in the secluded empty quarter of South Luangwa; combined, they offer a privileged access to Zambia’s extraordinary wildlife.

A new take on an existing destination, Sungani Lodge and Kulandila Camp are characterised by a laid back, effortless cool, belying their serious eco-credentials and purposeful backbone.

“Family owned and run by the Davy family, the two camps - Sungani Lodge and Kulandila Camp - are linked by foot. It is worth combining a stay in both to make the most of this beautiful area and experience the eye-opening wildlife of the South Luangwa - expertly guided by Michael Davy or one of their experienced guides. Their personal approach has allowed for a more daring concept of time in the wilds – further remote, a heightened awareness of environment and an evolved sense of guiding.”

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The South Luangwa needs little introduction as the valley of the leopard and home to walking safaris in Africa. As a national park it consistently delivers prodigious big cat sightings as well as plains game that would make other areas blush. To find a brace of stylish properties where the owners live and work on site in this rare place gives you a much deeper understanding of the South Luangwa.

Sungani and Kulandila offer an extremely self-confident experience in an isolated corner of one of Africa’s most remote national parks. The views are surreal, untouched by man and with no chance of seeing another vehicle. The river lagoon is a natural magnet for the wildlife, readily explaining why the Davy family chose this spot to create the dream safari camp.

“The Davy family have discovered so much more wildlife than was previously thought to exist here with wildlife actively moving into the area as well as it being part of the important South Luangwa wildlife corridor.”

A Family Mission

When the Davy family found this secluded empty quarter of the South Luangwa in 2019, they discovered a vast region with no roads or paths, the wildlife was even wilder being so far off the beaten track. And with no human habitation, it has taken time to understand just how prolific the game animals are – it’s a true voyage into the unknown.

Over time, camera traps and diligent tracking started to reveal the abundance of wildlife in the area which wasn’t immediately apparent. Slowly but surely, they have opened up tracks and curtailed the poaching, subsequently the wildlife is absolutely thriving in this new safe zone of over 60,000 acres.

Designer Camps

To add their personal twist on discovering such bountiful game in a wild and raw setting, the Davy family opted to buck the trend of spartan, pared-back design for Sungani Lodge. This is outdoor slipper bath territory rather than bucket showers, ice cold Fevertree tonic rather than soda. Alongside a living space, pool, library and gym, Sungani Lodge is made up of seven luxury guest tents, sitting atop polished concrete flooring which keeps cool underfoot.

Further upstream, bijou camp Kulandila sits on the banks of the Luangwa River. Just four traditional safari-style tents have private verandahs and slipper baths. In the locale, hides are camouflaged by lagoons and natural watering holes allow for photographers to get their shot and for wildlife lovers to watch elephants and giraffes candidly.

The sense of place exudes from the passion of the Davy family, multi-generation wildlife and safari experts. Being in their confident midst means that not only is the guiding first rate but their innate sense of style is reflected in every facet of the lodge and camp.


Wild and Wilder

“Take a walking safari between the two to enjoy the contrast. Stylish and spacious rooms at both properties are part of the appeal and the destination – places you actually want to soak up the views from and engage with your surroundings rather than the end-of-the-day crash pad.”

The two properties work in isolated tandem – Sungani Lodge is a more permanent structure and used as the headquarters whereas Kulandila is the satellite tented camp, located even further into the wilds.

One of the main elements that sets the Sungani portfolio apart is the sense of style and occasion to be found in the camp and the lodge. Whereas many seriously remote safari camps rely on rustic chic or spartan living style, Kulandila embodies polished oiled teak, sumptuous high thread-count cotton and shades of Ralph Lauren.

These two camps are best enjoyed in tandem, giving you an extraordinary entry point into Zambia’s wilderness.

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Insight into South Luangwa, Zambia

Wild terrain, famed for leopards and walking safaris; the South Luangwa is an inspired choice for those seeking untouched landscapes and incredible wildlife.

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