Travelling with your Tribe

One big happy family. Sound like a cliché? We don’t think so, and we’ve made it perfectly possible with these carefully chosen family holidays. Our experts, speaking from their own experience, share where to go with youngsters or teens and reveal their top tips for travelling with a tribe.

If you haven’t planned that all important summer escape, speak to our experts, who not only know the best destinations, but many are parents themselves and can offer advice on how to get the best from your family holiday this summer. Enjoy that quality time with your children and give yourselves those valuable memories to treasure.

Travelling with younger children

Clare, from our Client Concierge team, shares her recommendations on how to keep the whole family happy this summer.

“Going on holiday with small children can create the most special of memories, and with an eight and six-year-old, I speak from experience. Children of primary school age can be an absolute delight when they are on holiday and for some reason they leave all the screaming and squabbling behind at home.  They embrace the sense of adventure and excitement of going somewhere new, but then don’t we all?” 

home from home

Going on holiday doesn’t have to involve the stress of packing all the essentials and lugging them through the airport.  Our expert team can carefully hand-select villas and resorts that will ensure all that you need is provided on arrival. With a family villa in a resort you can enjoy the best of both worlds; that home from home feeling but with all the amenities close at hand for a true break away from it all.

Self-catering facilities in the villa mean Mum and Dad can have those all-important lie-ins while the children are amusing themselves and there is no rush to get out of those PJs for breakfast! Choosing a resort gives parents a break from the kitchen with a variety of excellent restaurants within easy reach.

Best for villas: Domes of Elounda, Crete

Friends & Freedom

Resorts with kids clubs’ provide children with the excitement of a range of activities, plus the added bonus of making new friends on holiday… all while parents relax by the pool, or maybe indulge with treatments at the spa.  Why don’t we arrange a baby-sitter to allow you to re-live, for just a moment, what it was like when it was just the two of you!

Best resort: Chia Laguna, Sardinia

Best kids club: Sun Gardens, Croatia

Travelling with Teens

Sarah, our Europe expert, is well versed in travelling with her two teenagers and reveals how to get your them on-board and looking forward to the family holiday.

“Contrary to popular belief, the majority of teenagers will jump at the opportunity to join their family for a summer holiday. Involve them in the planning process, stick to a few key ground rules and this year’s holiday could top the list as one of your all-time favourites with memories to last a lifetime.”

Sarah’s Top Tips

1) Accept that your teen’s phone is coming along too. If your destination, activity or photo has the Instagram factor and warrants bragging rights, not to have ensured that your hotel or resort has quality Wi-Fi will only disrupt the harmony.

We love: La Bobadilla, Spain

2) Ensure that there is a balance of activity, adventure, and the opportunity for some time for your teen to hang out independently with others. It’s important to be flexible allowing some relaxation and don’t stick to a timetable full of early starts. ‘’I’m quoting from experience that a tired teenager can be as much of a handful as a teething toddler’’.

We recommend: Westin Costa Navarino, Greece

3) Teenagers are naturally curious and will be open to new experiences and places. Travelling to a new destination ignites a sense of adventure and a thirst for knowledge in most and you don’t have to travel that far. The history, culture and sights of Tuscany would be among our favourite European destinations. Whilst the vast Serengeti plains of Tanzania would be one consideration further afield.

Go the extra mile: Family Safari

Wherever you choose, we believe every family holiday should give you quality time with your children and those all-important memories to treasure.

Contact us to start planning your family holiday or see further ideas.

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