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The True Taste of the Deep South

Think of America’s Deep South and it conjures images of country music, plantation houses and fried chicken, but the reality is so much more. Welcome to a culinary odyssey of America’s Dixieland.

America's Southern Charm

Peel back the layers to discover history, architecture and all-pervading music, all intrinsically linked to the Deep South’s rich culinary heritage and award-winning cuisine. This appetising part of America is ripe for a visit.

Flavours of Charleston

Downtown Charleston is an 18th century walled city featuring a range of architecture from the elegant French Quarter to the Battery districts, defined by cobblestone streets and pastel-hued antebellum houses. A walking tour with a private guide brings to life local culture, experiencing Gullah singing with a storyteller focusing on the importance of African American heritage.

Charleston cuisine is influenced by its coastal location and the sway of soul food, with meals as rich in history as they are in flavour. The city may have evolved into a sophisticated destination in recent years, but classic dishes like shrimp and grits as well as crab soup remain staples of the local gourmet scene, with Kingston Street the location of many of the city’s finest restaurants. Cru Café, located in an inconspicuous two-storey historic home with a peeling painted porch, is one of the best examples. We’d also recommend Magnolia’s, famous for its delectable small plates of fried green tomatoes, seared crab cakes and smoked pork belly.

“Planter’s Punch was invented in Charleston – the perfect excuse to stop for a cocktail to try this fruity rum concoction.”

Sarah Woodthorpe

Finger-Licking Low Country

Leaving the pastel colours of Charleston behind, explore the Low Country beaches and barrier islands of South Carolina’s Atlantic coastline. Famous for its natural beauty, Kiawah Island is characterised by maritime forests, preserved marshes and rolling sand dunes. The smart Kiawah Island Resort serves an upmarket take on the classic shrimp and grits.

Take a private boat trip to the Capers Islands to admire the coastal beauty of the Deep South, stopping for a traditional beachside broil – local shrimp paired with house smoked sausage, sweetcorn and small potatoes simmered together in a flavourful mix. Further south is the coastal city of Savannah, one of the south’s most charming towns. Spanish moss-draped oaks stand majestically over the cobbled streets, squares and parks of Savannah and it’s also the place to sample slow-cooked barbecue meats.

A Taste of New Orleans

World-renowned for its music and annual festivals, most notably Mardi Gras, New Orleans is unmatched in the USA due to its unique cross-cultural and multilingual heritage which extends to its culinary output too – the city is famous for gumbo, jambalaya and both Creole and Cajan cuisines. An absolute institution, Café Du Monde is the place to start the day with its famous beignets and coffee. A foodie walking tour is also essential to get a taste of the city including stops for jambalaya, duck gumbo and the renowned New Orleans famous sandwich – the muffuletta.

Widely regarded as the birthplace of, and best place to hear jazz, New Orleans boasts a colourful musical heritage which spans many genres and styles which form the backdrop to foodie experiences. Sunday Jazz Brunch is a New Orleans tradition, with many different options, all offering a slightly different experience. Fine dining is also in abundance, Criollo Nolo is a refined choice featuring New Orleans favourites served with sophisticated flair such as lobster mac n’ cheese and duck gumbo. GW Fins in the French Quarter curates premium ingredients with a light touch including bluefin tuna, wagyu beef, fried oysters and lobster.

From foodie discoveries, signature dishes and traditional tastes, you’ll find all these flavours and more in America’s Deep South.

If you’re looking for an unusual holiday which will shine a light on a culturally rich and culinary-diverse part of America, then the Deep South is a holiday you need - I can tailor the trip to your exact requirements.

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