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Six Senses Vana, India

Set within a sal forest and backed by the distant Himalayan foothills, Six Senses Vana is the place to completely submit yourself to its spiritual, transformative power.

Based on Ayurveda, yoga, Tibetan medicine, and natural healing therapies, Six Senses Vana promises a gentle overhaul for body and mind, set in the birthplace of wellness – India.

“On arrival, change into your kurta pyjamas and feel your mindset start to adjust. After completing a program that could include daily hikes, yoga and massage combined with meditation, Ayuervedic cookery and lectures on wisdom, you’ll feel rejuvenated, replenished and ready to face the world again.”

Things to do

Whether you have a wellness goal in mind or you’re looking for a general pick-me-up, Six Senses Vana has a huge range of activities and programs, each run by a dedicated practitioner or guru. After an in-depth consultation to pinpoint your areas of need, your day might start with a yoga class or meditation, followed by a body balance fitness class, chanting or nature walk. There’s time set aside for one-to-ones – Ayurveda massage is offered alongside traditional Chinese medicine and Tibetan Sowa Rigpa performed by expert healers with a magical touch. Finish the day with an enlightening talk on a range of ancient therapies.


As you might imagine, you’ll sleep deeply at Six Senses Vana, after an intense day working on body and mind. Encased by a harmonious décor, the rooms and suites are designed to be a comfortable retreat, with a natural colour scheme that uses plenty of wood, with soothing views out onto the forest, mango orchards or gardens. Spend time peacefully in your room, reading, practising yoga or simply resting.

Food & Drink

Vana is not a place where you’ll feel hungry and it’s against their ethos to restrict calories unless absolutely necessary. Expect what you eat to be healthy, freshly prepared food with a local twist. Use your time here to explore the many facets of Indian cuisine, including pulses, tofu and mushrooms, myriad flavours of loose-leaf tea and Ayurvedic dishes based on your doshas that could include lentils, flatbread and coconut. Alcohol is available although not particularly encouraged.

What Stands Out

The sheer variety of traditional therapies here is quite astonishing, and even better each treatment, program or class you take part in is helmed by an expert, meaning you’re getting an incredibly attentive top-to-toe management which you will see quickly reaps results.

Best For

If you’re looking for a total reset, perhaps due to burnout, stress or grief, coming to place like Vana, which is so deeply entrenched in the customs of Indian wellness, means that its exotic setting and spiritual atmosphere may be the kick starter you need to break bad habits or start new healthy routines.

The Verdict

Gentle handling from sincere staff, coupled with very detailed consultations in Six Senses Vana’s beautiful setting will result in a real difference to how you look and feel, and you’ll take home a feeling a lightness that permeates your day-to-day.

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This transformative wellness retreat located in the tropical Raa Atoll is all about results.

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