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Hidden Routes Through Southern Morocco

Named the Route Du Sud, this six-stage, tourist-free journey around the remote regions of southern Morocco takes experiential travel to the next level, suiting those with an adventurous spirit.


The Route Du Sud is a magical journey by private 4×4, traversing the sparsely beautiful landscapes of southern Morocco, staying at a selection of pared-back luxury maisons and desert camps.

Spend each night in a diversely different location, on a journey where scenery changes by the hour and an advance party including a butler sets off ahead to prepare out-of-the-ordinary experiences. Booked exclusively just for you and your group, with delectable meals freshly made from local ingredients by the chef, this privileged entry into Morocco’s wild spaces showcases the transformative power of travel.

Dar Ahlam Morocco
Route du Sud dining
Route du Sud bedroom
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Starting in Marrakech, your intimate group will travel in comfortable 4×4 vehicles, with your luggage packed into old-school trunks transporting you across the Atlas Mountains and the windswept valleys to reach Dar Ahlam. A 200-year-old kasbah, Dar Ahlam has been updated with a lush garden and pool and marks the start of your journey into Morocco’s remote and rugged south.

From Dar Ahlam, journey to Tiskmoudine, an authentic Moroccan fortified village, restored using traditional building techniques clasped in picturesque date groves. In this atmospheric cultural village, spend a night within the thick walls where every object around you is beautifully crafted by talented local craftswomen. Take the opportunity to explore the village and meet its inhabitants, perhaps admiring artisans at work on intricate pieces. As night draws in, the wood stove warms the cool air and without electricity, candles line the hallways and the bedrooms, lending a soft glow.

La Maison Rouge, Morocco
Maison Rouge (5)
Maison Rouge (8)
Maison Rouge (9)
Maison Rouge (12)
Maison Rouge (20)
Maison Rouge (25)
Maison Rouge (3)


Your next stop, La Maison Rouge, was purpose-built using artisan techniques by Studio KO architects who designed London’s Chiltern Firehouse and the new Yves Saint Laurent Museum in Marrakech. Made from red Saharan stone, the house is located within a tangerine-hued desert canyon near the village of Aojou and benefits from a panoramic views of the Awju Valley. Watch colours streak the sky at sunset on the rooftop with a glass of wine in hand and in the morning, take breakfast by the shady date palms or by a trickling stream.

Acacia (1)
Acacia (3)
Acacia (5)


As the landscape becomes ever emptier, enter the lunar-like Sahara Desert, where silence reigns. Watch the sand-sculpted dunes move infinitesimally with the wind as you enjoy an aperitif on the highest dune. As the sun sets over these sand giants, see dots of colour appear from lanterns leading the way to your next experience – dinner under the stars. Bed down in a Berber tent for the ultimate camp out, surrounded by African reed mats and vintage camp décor. As dawn pricks out morning, feel fully alive in this off-the-map desert world. After a signature breakfast, experience the dunes by camel, or simply race down this magnificent sandscape.

L’OASIS (28)
L’OASIS (21)
L’OASIS (14)
L’OASIS (33)
L’OASIS (36)


Continue on your extraordinary journey through Morocco’s wilderness with a stay at an abode known simply as L’Oasis. Cocooned by Tighmert’s verdant palm groves, two Berber-style adobe houses with earthen walls await. Inside, simple but stylish interiors adorn the bedrooms which also have showers and bathtubs. Outside a shaded terrace is the perfect spot to relax before exploring your locale by bike. A visit to fortified Berber village Amtoudi and the logic-defying grain stores that cling to the Anti-Atlas mountains is a must, accompanied by a locally sourced picnic lunch.

La Maison de Arganiers,, Morocco
Arganiers (28)
Arganiers (16)
Arganiers (9)
Arganiers (5)
Arganiers (57)
Arganiers (19)


Travel through the Valley of Argan to reach a white-washed stone house, which clings to a hillside Berber village overlooking an ancient argan tree valley. Surrounded by local shepherding families, be immersed in this unspoiled rural landscape, exploring the endless terrain by hiking in the rugged valley and taking a moment to observe the woman making argan oil using centuries-old techniques. Come back home to be scrubbed in the traditional hammam and spend your evening sipping an ice-cold rosé overlooking endless argan groves. The following day, be transported back to Marrakech, re-entering the clamour of the real world, yet filled with dreamy memories of the evocative Route Du Sud.

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