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Experience the thrill of remote Alaskan wilderness on this awe-inspiring journey into America’s last frontier, staying in isolated cabins immersed in pristine nature and indulging in a range of spectacular activities.

Alaska is one step further into the wilderness, where snow-capped mountains tower, alpine forests hide rare wildlife, valleys stetch endlessly and the ocean is a playground for marine life.

“To confidently explore this area that was once the preserve of adventurers, hunters and gold-seekers, let us curate an itinerary linked by scenic float-plane flights that bases you at two remote yet comfortable lodges that will be your gateway to Alaska’s backcountry.”

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Winterlake Lodge, Alaska
Winterlake Lodge, Alaska
Glacier at Winterlake Lodge, Alaska

Winterlake Lodge

"“For something truly spectacular, ascend high up into the mountains by private helicopter to a river, inaccessible by any other route”."

A beautifully crafted wooden cabin, Winterlake Lodge sits proudly at the entrance to the snow-dusted Alaska Range, opening out onto the reflective waters of Finger Lake and backed by the Wolverine Mountains. Perfectly positioned in the raw beauty of isolated nature, you’ll feel the pull of the encircling landscapes.

Winterlake Lodge is extremely well set up for experiences in the fresh Alaskan air, with every day offering an exciting way to interact with the mountains, lakes, glaciers and forests. Step outside your door to hike the Iditarod Trail which was first established by native Alaskans and used during the Gold Rush, passing through numerous historical settlements as well as creeks and waterfalls.

Winterlake Lodge, Alaska

Experiences at Winterlake

Get out in the great outdoors and take the heli up to land on a glacier itself, giving you access to crevasses, moulins, icefalls and snowfields, high up in the Tordrillo Mountains and far, far away from people or places. Finger Lake also offers numerous ways to enjoy the water via kayak tours, paddle boarding or fly-fishing for Alaskan salmon or trout. Or with a local guide, white water raft the rapids, stopping for a picnic lunch or to pick wild blueberries. For something a little less energetic, meet the dogs from the sled team – in the summer lift off by heli and let the dogs pull you by sled around an ancient icefield trail.

Or simply sit and relax in the lakeside sauna before enjoying a delicious dinner crafted from local ingredients such as halibut, crab, scallops, wild mushrooms and oysters.

Tutka Bay Lodge
Tutka Bay Lodge
Tutka Bay Lodge
Tutka Bay Lodge

Tutka Bay Lodge

Your entrance to Tutka Bay Lodge is dramatic as you fly by float-plane through the glittering glaciers, turquoise lakes and craggy mountains of Lake Clark National Park, landing in the private cove of the rugged glacial fjord that will be the location for your next wilderness stay. Made up of a series of luxe wooden cabins scattered in the woodlands, Tutka Bay also has a vast communal deck where guests can meet, practise yoga or just simply soak up the surroundings.

Of course, coming to Tutka Bay Lodge also means the opportunity for bear spotting. Board a private Cessna plane to watch brown bears grazing by the shoreline and on the way back fly over several active volcanoes and giant glaciers.

Experiences at Tutka Bay Lodge

Found on the edge of Kachemak Bay State Park, life at Tutka Bay Lodge encompasses a range of experiences from the tiny observation to the huge action-packed day. Wander the cove, tidepooling with a resident scientist, admiring seaweed and starfish or spend the day at sea on a long, exploratory sea kayaking tour, spotting inquisitive otters. Depending on the season you might see humpback whales, orcas, eagles, puffins, hummingbirds or a variety of seabirds.

For something special take a helicopter flight up to the startlingly blue lakes of Grewingk glacier, accompanied by a bottle of ice-cold champagne to mark the occasion.

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