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Designed by the same team who created tropical-luxe North Island in the Seychelles, Miavana on remote Nosy Ankao island off north-eastern Madagascar, is in a league of its own.

Madagascan Style

Mystical Madagascar has a strong sense of place, and there’s nowhere else like it on Earth. Having broken off from India millions of years ago, it has a mysteriously blended and transcendent quality with a culture revolving around spirits, rituals and taboos. Wildlife is pristine and unmatched: electric-blue butterflies come as big as your hand, thumb-sized chameleons rotate their colours and wide-eyed lemurs amble through lush tropical rainforest.

“The ultimate beach retreat, Miavana offers the opportunity to see unique wildlife in exotic surrounds that come from the realms of a tropical fantasy.”

Things to do

As much as Miavana is about relaxing in your luxe Indian Ocean idyll, it’s not just a pretty façade. There is huge amount to see and do, not to mention the island is home to rare endemic creatures, like crowned lemurs in the pristine forests, nesting turtles whose offspring tumble towards the sea, huge flocks of terns and under the surface – whales thrash, dolphins leap and giant trevally wait to be caught. On water try kayaking, kitesurfing or paddleboarding or descend into the warm depths of the Indian Ocean for scuba diving around ship wrecks. Hop on the house helicopter for a heli-safari in Madagascar’s national parks exploring among giant baobab trees and spiny red limestone cliffs and enjoying a bird’s eye view of Madagascar’s wild coastline.


Occupying a private island, the resort’s 14 beachfront villas spill out on to white sands lapped by azure water. Large in size and underpinned by a barefoot-chic style, Miavana’s villas are a stunning testament to a simple yet stylish island living with large bathtubs, indoor and outdoor showers, lavish living areas and al fresco dining spots. Large windows wraparound the front of the villas, which are made from locally hewn stone and Malagasy wood, with nautical accents coming from turquoise hand dyed textiles. Just outside your villa is a private pool, and a few steps leads you to the icing sugar soft beach. A butler is at your service throughout the duration to help ease you into utter relaxation.

Food & Drink

Root yourself firmly in Madagascar with every mouthful – here local food is celebrated and absolutely delicious. Laced with aromatic ingredients, taste the island through vanilla pods, juicy mangoes, prickly peppercorns and yellowfin tuna, brought together to create exquisite dishes like Malagasy bouillabaisse, island slaw, gazpacho and tuna ceviche. Dining is relaxed and served to suit you – perhaps breakfast on the beach, lunch at the villa by the pool, cocktails by the beach bonfire and a lantern-lit dinner under the stars.

What Stands Out

The extraordinary thing about Miavana is that it presents as the ultimate private island retreat, yet has a very adventurous spirit. On the surface, it gleams with uber-luxury but just a hop away are mind-blowing sights: wide-eyed lemurs, towering baobabs, tangerine-red limestone pinnacles and the Indian Ocean brimming with turtles, whales, dolphins and more.

Best For

Suited to those that like their luxury paradise with a side-serving of adventure, Miavana is the ultimate holiday for families, couples or even multi-generational groups. Staff are happy to go above-and-beyond to exceed expectations combined with a wealth of adventurous activities, curious travellers of all ages can’t fail to be impressed by this most magical of islands.

The Verdict

Miavana is the real deal, an island paradise enveloped with unspoiled nature and endemic wildlife. High on experience, Miavana is the kind of place you never forget.  Unbelievably perfect for both families and couples, it would also be the most enchanting honeymoon. Miavana is truly one-of-a-kind.


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