Inside SHA Wellness Clinic

SHA Wellness Clinic is a pioneering and stylish health retreat overlooking Spain’s Mediterranean coast. We sent our European specialist Sarah Woodthorpe to experience its revitalising nutrition and fitness techniques first hand.


The philosophy and objective of SHA Wellness Clinic is to make a positive, significant and long-lasting change to your health. As I consider myself to be both healthy and reasonably fit, I was intrigued to see if, and what, impact the SHA method would have on me.

When I arrived, I was immediately given a consultation with both a doctor and nutritionist to discuss my goals and tailor my stay accordingly. Followed by a specific dietary plan alongside a range of recommended treatments, which included functional strength training, acupuncture and moxibustion.

The SHA Academy offers a range of complimentary activities throughout the day, all designed to have a lasting positive influence on your health. I loved starting my day with one of the pre-breakfast group walks, which range from Nordic walking to longer trails down to the lighthouse or beach.

As an avid fitness fan, I participated in as many classes in the studio and gym as possible – enjoying sessions in Pilates, stretching, body conditioning and meditation. There’s complete flexibility to tweak your pre-booked appointments in order to not to miss out on any of your favourite activities. But with so much on offer, I didn’t have time to make it to any Aqua gym classes this time around.

My expectations were high, but the treatments did not disappoint. The deep tissue massage was the best I have ever had. I’d also highly recommend the electric lymphatic drainage therapy, an innovative massage technique which combats the build-up of toxins in the body. I practically floated out of the treatment room.


People visit SHA for many reasons. During my stay I chatted to guests who had come for a short annual three-night detox, as well as one lady who was on a month-long weight loss journey. Whether you’re trying to stop smoking or simply sleep better, the core of each programme is the macrobiotic diet.

Prior to my stay, I had been concerned that no meat, sugar or alcohol for four days might be a struggle. This was far from the truth. While the three main food programmes focus on weight loss, body cleansing or healthy eating, all are served with a gourmet approach. As you might expect, all produce is seasonal, local and organic. The colours and contrasts at each meal time were worthy of some of the top restaurants I have dined at, and I even found myself instagramming photos of my food! I enjoyed every meal and was easily able to skip past local cafes and bars on my daily walks outside of SHA without a second glance.


Since experiencing SHA three months ago, I have adopted small changes to enhance my lifestyle. These have helped with both an improved sleep pattern and more of an open mind in dealing with the everyday stresses of working fulltime while parenting demanding teenagers. If you’re looking to refocus, renew and re-energise, I can’t recommend SHA highly enough.

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