Hotels with hearts

When our planet is as beautiful as it is, we rely on the hotels we visit to protect it.

In turn, by choosing wisely, we can support those hotels who have a sustainable vision. As a result, we all become part of a brighter, greener future where communities, environments and wildlife are safeguarded for the next generation.  And if we can do this whilst holidaying in some of the most gorgeous corners of our earth – then all the better.

Here, we shine a light on three hotels and a yacht that are rocking a forward-thinking eco-friendly approach.

The Brando, French Polynesia

Regularly seen in the Conde Nast Traveller Hot List, The Brando walks the talk on all things sustainable, and has a heart of true eco-gold. Set on a dazzling tropical island, The Brando shows that both sustainability and luxury can be natural bedfellows. Take a Green Tour to learn how the resort harnesses deep-sea water to make an alternative to air-conditioning, and see how natural resources such as coconut oil, alongside solar, power the island. At the research station, visiting conservationists and scientists study and test this model of eco-tourism. Out at sea, marvel at the clean water, filled with sea turtles and tropical fish from the fish replenishment program, all protected by the nurturing arm of The Brando. Truly inspirational.

M/Y Conservation, Galapagos

To be unveiled in 2020, the new sister yacht to M/Y Grace is set to be the eco-friendliest vessel yet to sail the Galapagos Islands. Dedicated to conservation from offsetting of carbon emissions to plastic-free hospitality, staff trained in eco-mindfulness and biodegradable amenities, M/Y Conservation takes sustainability seriously. As well it should. The Galapagos is home to highest level in the world of endemic species and the M/Y Conservation promises a smooth and conscious journey through nautical miles of biodiversity from tortoises, iguanas to penguins. And with dedicated cabins on board for guest scientists and conservationists in addition to the naturalist guides this could be your most enlightening wildlife trip yet.

 Huka Lodge, New Zealand

Originally a simple fishing lodge, Huka has been evolved into a supremely comfortable residence, with large bedrooms, cashmere-covered sofas and an extensive wine cellar. What has stayed the same is its beautiful environment: verdant, deep green forests, cascading waterfalls and towering mountains, and right in front of the lodge, a turquoise ribbon of fast-flowing river. Huka is well aware of its precious beauty and recently announced some additional eco-initiatives including a new plant-based, compostable water bottle. The lodge keeps the environment in mind in everything they do including organic produce, planting of native trees, and a successful bee breeding program.

Cheetah Plains, Sabi Sands

In a continent of harsh climates, conservation is vital to the existence of communities and wildlife. Thankfully, many of the best lodges in Africa are extremely mindful of this. At Cheetah Plains safari lodge, located in the private Sabi Sand concession, where game roams freely from Kruger National Park, monitoring wildlife and anti-poaching is as important as first-class service in bomas that come with heated pools and wine cellars. The lodge’s use of electric game vehicles – Telsa battery-powered Land Cruiser’s – is pioneering but also offers an enhanced safari with zero emissions. And with aims to be fully off-grid soon, this is a luxury lodge for the future.

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