Bolivia Adventure on a Higher Plain

Sometimes escaping far from the madding crowds takes a bit more effort. But the experiences you’ll have, the sights you’ll see and the people you’ll meet will all be infinitely more satisfying.


Bolivia is a country bound together by stupendous scenery and interesting facts. Did you know, for example, that its capital, La Paz, is the highest in the world? Oh, and the city of Sucre, well, that’s also the capital. The country’s name is derived from 18th-century political leader Simon Bolivar. And it still has a navy, although it lost all access to the sea over 130 years ago. It’s a place where the past blends with the present, as you’ll discover when you see dried animals on sale as offerings to Pachamama, the Goddess revered by the inhabitants of the Andes.

To be honest, it’s a bit of a schlepp to get to, but that just keeps the crowds away. Accommodation and food might not be up to the zesty levels of Brazil or Argentina, although having said that, a co-founder of Noma (the world’s number one ranked restaurant, in Copenhagen) has set up an eatery, Gustu, in La Paz, so change is in the air. What Bolivia does have, is mind-blowing scenery as well as interesting, genuinely-friendly people and a mix of cultural diversity that has infused Spanish conquistadors with Inca traditions dating back thousands of years. You’ll hear it in the Quechua, Aymara and Guarani languages that you’ll encounter as you journey around the country. And what a country it is.


It encompasses quaint colonial towns, Amazon rainforest, lowland pampas, high Andean mountains and plains reached on cliff-clinging roads that may have you looking through partially-closed fingers on more than one occasion. We can take you deep into Madidi National Park, with its Andean and Amazonian ecosystems, and swim alongside Pink River Dolphins in the Rio Yacuma.

Bolivia’s luxury lies less in deluxe hotels and more in adventures like this, in its isolation and beauty. We can take you there with the most knowledgeable guides to ensure you have the ultimate holiday in this fascinating country.

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