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Alaskan Adventure Cruise

"Alaska is an otherworldly place. Its natural beauty is unsurpassed in North America. Among its forests and mountains and in the seas off its 6,500 mile long coastline, you’ll find some of the most varied wildlife on the continent."


  • Experience a small, luxurious and intimate cruise aboard the Silver Wind to a remote part of the world
  •  Explore the seldom-visited far northern Pacific Ocean region, rich in polar history
  • See a plethora of bird and sea life including fur seals, humpback whales and bald eagles

There are no two ways about it. Your best base for a trip in Alaska is by boat. Unpack once and it’s the almost-impossibly spectacular scenery that moves every day, not you. There are a large number of ships to choose from and this mode of transport offers a superb insight into this pristine wilderness but our favourite is the Silver Wind.



This 18-day voyage leaves from Nome to cruise down the Alaskan coastline stopping to explore islands and remote Alaskan communities and finishing in Vancouver, Canada

Who with:

This intrepid trip suits adventurists, photographers and animal lovers up for experiencing parts of the planet least touched by man

When to go:

It's best to travel to Alaska during the summer months from June to September, although October onwards will show you Alaska in all its wintery beauty

Silver Wind Silversea Cruise
Silver Wind Silversea Cruise
Silver Wind Silversea Cruise
Silver Wind Silversea Cruise

No place like Nome

Some cruise liners sailing the coast of Alaska carry nearly 4,000 passengers. The Silver Wind – with just 274 passengers and 197 crew – is most definitely not one of those floating cities. A Silversea cruise is the last word in intimate luxury.

Fares on board the Silver Explorer cover butler service and almost all discretionary spending. Gourmet dining (including in-suite meals), drinks, shore landings, tours and lectures are covered too. There are no ‘inside’ cabins, just outward view suites, some with their own verandah.

rown Bear and Two Cubs against a Forest and Mountain Backdrop at Katmai National Park, Alaska
Hubbard Glacier, Alaska. Silversea

North by Northwest

The ship’s hull has been specially strengthened so it can pass with ease through ice floes that you might encounter on your 18-day voyage from Nome via remote bays, islands and Native Alaskan communities and down to Vancouver in Canada

Here you’ll be in parts of the planet where nature reigns supreme in the long summer days. It’s a wilderness that is a photographer’s dream, with dramatic skies framing imposing landscapes.

Humpback Whale Alaska
Katmai National Park, Alaska
Adak Bald Eagle

Small is Beautiful

The smaller size of the Silver Wind means it can sneak into coves and inlets in both Alaska and Canada that many other boats just can’t. You’ll be transported ashore by Zodiac inflatables where you might hope to see bears, seals and walruses and a plethora of bird life, including America’s famous bald eagles. Humpback whales can be found in these northern summer waters too.

A Steller Sea Lion (Eumetopias jubatus) jumps from a rock into the Bering Sea on the coast of Unalaska Island in the Alaska.
landscape with sky,aleutian islands
Kamchatka Region
Puffin, Alaska

Island Hopping in Alaska

From the ice-capped peaks in the north to the lush spruce forests of the southern fjords, discover diverse landscape as you journey southwards. The first part of your trip sees you exploring the many islands of the Aleutian chain whose craggy cliffs are home to crested auklets, peregrine falcons and black-footed albatrosses. Islands such as Atka has stunning natural beauty woven with waterfalls, glaciers and hot springs, where a four-thousand-strong herd of reindeer live alongside blue foxes, eagles, sea lions and sea otters.

From the Aleutian Islands, turn towards the Alaskan beauty of fjords and glaciers that hug the coastal region of north- west Alaska journeying down passages and sounds to see ice shelves calving; inland explore national parks, deep forests and mountain ranges on a variety of excursions.


As you’ll be on a smaller vessel, you will have the chance to explore smaller coves and get up close to experiences in Alaska and Canada. However, a cruise with Silver Wind is so much more than this. Throughout the voyage, you will learn about the history, geology, wildlife and botany from lecture presentations offered by your knowledgeable onboard expedition team, giving you the full picture.

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'You can't fail to be mesmerised by Alaska's incredible icy landscapes, snow-capped mountains and glaciers that glow blue in its extended daylight.'

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