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"PRIVATE GUIDE = Old Hand (Noun) - A person with a lot of experience in something “the guide is an old hand at this game”. Synonyms: Expert, pastmaster, virtuoso, master, wizard, genius, artist, adept, professional, doyen, veteran, maestro, connoisseur, authority, grandmaster."


The safari camps and lodges we use have their own excellent in-house safari guides – it is one of the ways we measure their prowess. This works well, but there is another level of guiding which can improve the quality of your trip totally beyond your expectations.

We can source some of the finest wildlife guides in Africa to accompany you throughout your trip (or for some of it at least). They are specialists in their field and bring every facet of your trip to life.


Ben Oxley-Brown

Personal Travel Designer

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Ben Oxley-Brown
"Possessing diverse skills including but not limited to photography, birding, astronomy, tracking and adventure game walks, a private guide gives you complete reassurance."
Guiding, Chobe National Park


We have our own little black book of our all favourite private guides – so whether you are looking to improve your photography skills or wishing to immerse yourself in a cultural or wildlife journey, we know just the right person to make your holiday exceptional.

Below is a little introduction to five of our best-loved private guides….



“Private guides are deeply passionate and inspiring about conservation and the countries they work in. Many of them will have bush knowledge gleaned over decades which can rival that of Biology Professors with a huge amount of practicality and personal experience thrown in.”
Ant, African Guide


As a licensed professional guide in Zimbabwe, he holds one of the most highly respected guiding qualifications in the world. Ant leads safaris through over a dozen different African countries, including as many of what are considered “off the grid” destinations as possible.  He is an absolute favourite of ours.

Moli - private guide


Andrew, or more affectionately known as ‘Moli’ is one of East Africa’s most experienced guides, particularly from a walking safari perspective – with years of experience in both the Selous National Park and Ruaha in Southern Tanzania.  Moli will present and interpret the natural world that will turn days in the bush into an altogether higher plane of consciousness.

John Moller, African Guide


This is a man who cuts a dash as he strides out on walking safaris, able to notice the smallest detail that in turn begins the narration of the day’s events.

“On a walk close to the Ewaso Nyiro river in Kenya, John pointed out a hoof mark in the dust. Easy question I think – “Oryx”. “Yes, but what else?”. John points out the width of the splayed hoof, indicating that the animal was carrying extra weight and therefore pregnant. So, we now know she’s female and given the month and how close to the rains breaking – the birth should be imminent. “She must be heading to the river to drink and then rest up in the shade of that grove of acacia”.

Sure enough we find her browsing quietly in the acacia around an hour later. It’s this understanding that reveals so much more of what is happening rather than just ticking animals off a list.

Alex Walker


Alex Walker’s Serian camps are renowned in safari circles as those which offer some of the finest guiding possible. At the helm of this ship is the eponymous Alex himself who has twice been rated Best Safari Guide in Africa. Based for most of the year in camp, Alex relishes the remote with the notion that walking takes you further off the beaten track, preferably off any track entirely.

Marius Swart, African Guide


Marius is just the man you want on your team when tracking buffalo or elephant. His ability to read situations, find elusive wildlife and deliver a great safari experience with a dose of humour is his trademark style. While safaris are meant to be educational and revealing, they are also meant to be fun and getting the balance right can be tricky, Marius delivers all this in spades.

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