Indian Ocean Holidays

Just the words Indian Ocean islands conjure images of desert island bliss.
Whether opting for the best resorts in the Maldives, hotels in the Seychelles or Mauritius villas holidays in the Indian Ocean are beyond relaxing. The azure waters, white sands and a real fusion of different cultures make a luxury holiday all the more interesting.

Luxury Holidays Maldives
The mention of the word Maldives conjures up images of luxury resorts, pristine sand and islands dotted like jewels across clear blue waters.

Luxury Holidays Mauritius
According to Mark Twain, God copied the idea of heaven from Mauritius. On this basis, heaven must be a fairly sophisticated and glamorous affair.

Luxury Holidays Seychelles
The Seychelles were, according to legend, born from the tears of emotion bursting from the Creator as he gazed at his masterpiece. It certainly has some of the best beaches and luxury resorts in the world.