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Tailor Made Holidays Peru

This magical country stretches inland from the northwest coast of South America over the spine of the Andes, and into the dense tropical jungle of the Amazon Basin and lends itself to heady adventures and luxury holidays.

A journey in Peru, from rolling coastal deserts to the highest navigable lake in the world, offers landscapes as diverse as they are remarkable. Likewise is its cultural heritage, for superimposed on this sublime canvas are the layered imprints of great civilisations stretching far back into time long before the Incas and the Spanish conquistadores.

Peru’s Amazon rainforest sustains the world’s richest biodiversity, far beyond the many recognisable flock of brightly hued tropical birds in particular within the Manu, Pacaya Samiria, and Tambopata natural sanctuaries.

Elsewhere Peru is home to snow-capped mountains, giant sand dunes, volcanoes and rocky Pacific outcroppings inhabited by sea lion. In contrast to the magnificent flora and fauna found in the interior, Peru’s cities vaunt exquisite colonial architecture and fascinating insights into bygone cultures. Most of all the spirituality of the lofty and enigmatic Machu Picchu is a draw for many as an iconic sight of the Inca world and is a holiday must if touring Peru. Without doubt, Peru is one of the great travel destinations of the world and offers something for even the most discerning of travellers who still seek luxury with their adventures.

Capital City





Nuevo Sol

Time Difference (GMT) - 6 hours

Climate & average temperatures

Varies from tropical in east to dry desert in west; temperate to cold in Andes.


Iberia, Lan Airlines

Flight time from UK

14 hours

Visa requirements

Not with a UK passport

Health requirements

Contact your GP for information

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