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Luxury Holidays to China

The phrase 5 star China holiday is one which has not traditionally been thought of, but along with commercial success the country is now a burgeoning deluxe travel success. It is now very much in vogue as a place to tour and enjoy. Those who have seen the soaring mountains in Yunnan, the open air markets in Xinjiang, the cosmopolitan streets of Shanghai and the traditional hutongs in Beijing, know it is not surprising that China is one of the new favourite travel destinations.

In recent years, the Chinese economy has become the fastest growing in the world and captured the attention of businesses from all over the globe, making Mandarin ‘the’ language to learn. Iconic sites such as the Great Wall, the Forbidden City and the Terracotta Soldiers are sure to astound on a holiday, but it is everyday China that represents the country at its best. Watch couples waltzing in the park in the shadows of some of the world’s most innovative and striking buildings, while young businessmen pedal to work in suits. The sprawling east coast metropolises which push further skyward are all a world away from picturesque countryside villages.

Now is the time to visit China, while ancient traditions still permeate everyday life and modern influences are just creeping in through the old city streets.

China is huge in size, covering an area virtually equal to that of Europe and its size gives rise to a diversity of regions. Throughout there has been an attention to provide the best in the way of boutique hotels and resorts. Even in regions which are still waking to the power of China as an escalating destination there has been thought put into what travellers require when touring this great country.

Capital City



Mandarin. English widely spoken in commercial areas.


Renminbi (Chinese Yuan)

Time Difference (GMT) + 7 hour

Climate & average temperatures

China - Beijing
Months J F M A M J J A S O N D
Temp °C -4 -1 5 14 20 24 26 25 20 13 5 -2
Rain mm 3 6 9 26 29 71 176 182 49 19 6 2

British Airways, Cathy Pacific

Flight time from UK

10-11 hours

Visa requirements

Visa required prior to arrival

Health requirements

Contact your GP for information

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