The Big Trip – Ultimate

Travel opens up a world full of endless opportunities, but there are some experiences and places to stay which can only be described as beyond the ordinary.

The Big Trip’ means something different to every one of us. For some, perhaps it’s an extended family jaunt to a showstopping villa scooping up everyone from tiny tots to gregarious grandparents.

These are the things for your Bucket List. The places you dream of and the ones you'll never forget. Everyone has one, even us – and we’re a company of travellers, who’ve been all over the world. We’re always planning where we’re going next, so perhaps it’s no wonder our lists seem to keep getting longer. From hotels you simply have to stay in, incredible must-do experiences or once in a lifetime trip ideas, we've collated the very best to inspire your travels.

Or maybe it’s that off-grid adventure for two that has you riding with gauchos in Argentina or travelling from Cape Town to Nairobi in a small plane with a private guide.
For others, a big trip is a cracking ‘everyone’s-invited party’ on a tropical isle or sailing through the turquoise-ribboned Raja Ampat on aluxury yacht. What we know for certain about these trips is that they take careful thought and time to curate. Fortunately, you’re in good hands
with us. Using our insider experience of 40 years, our trusted contacts on the ground and a sprinkling of magical extras, we create holidays well beyond the extraordinary.

Our website is designed to give you a flavour of what we offer.
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  • Ecuador & the Galapagos Islands
  • Indonesia
  • Tanzania

Cast off – Into the Big Blue

Explore the wildest, most beautiful corners of the earth aboard your own luxurious vessel. For groups and families, setting sail across the ocean means the ultimate freedom for your intrepid tribe. Go where other tourists aren’t and have all-natural experiences, surrounded by friends, loved ones and the big blue.
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  • Thailand
  • France & Corsica
  • Seychelles

Villas – Solutions to 3G conundrums

We’ve been organising holidays for 40 years and know one of the trickiest things to get just right is the multi-generational villa holiday.
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  • Argentina

Lessons from a Gaucho – Patagonia

Gauchos – a relic of Argentina’s romanticised love affair  with horses or proficient horsemen playing a relevant part  in today’s Andean landscape?
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  • French Polynesia
  • Japan

Cities & Tropical Islands

This contrasting holiday combines ancient customs encased in the sleek modernity of Japan followed by pure tropical fantasy on a castaway island in French Polynesia.
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  • Saint Vincent & the Grenadines
  • Ibiza
  • Tanzania

Private Islands to Experience

Adore island living but hate the crowds? Maybe the private use of an idyllic island could work well for your next holiday, celebration or get-together.
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  • Mainland Greece
  • Mykonos
  • Santorini

Greek Island Hopping by Yacht

Sail across the azure Aegean Sea, docking in picturesque island ports in search of the perfect uncrowded beach or traditional taverna.
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  • Tanzania

Chimp Trekking in Mahale

Few people ever see the magical forests, mountain waterfalls and hidden golden beaches of the Mahale Mountains.
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  • Antarctica

A Perfect Day in Paradise Bay

Mammoth glaciers rise from the steel-blue sea at of one of Antarctica’s most beautiful spots.
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  • Namibia

Skeleton Coast Flying Safari

Discover Africa’s most dramatic habitats from above on a time-saving, aerial adventure.
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  • Canada

Grizzly Bear Watching at Sonora Island

Watch the grizzly goings-on, as the call of the wild takes place before your very eyes.
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