Wildlife Spotting in Antarctica


Bundle up warm and brace yourself, today it’s your turn on whale-watching duty. Step out from behind the glass of your ship’s viewing platform and enter the world of history’s great explorers.

From the deck, you’ll have the perfect view of vast colonies of majestic penguins. Watch as seals sit imperiously on the rocks, as if on guard, while seabirds from albatross to skua soar overhead. Scan the icy waters in search of the occasional humpback, minke and orca whales which populate this white wilderness of glaciers and ice formations.

Life indoors on board an Antarctic cruise ship can be very snug indeed, where the heating is kept at a comfortable mid 20Cs temperature that past Antarctic explorers could only have dreamt of. It’s essential of course to add two or three extra layers for outside expeditions, but the rewards make it so very worthwhile.

It can be a personal challenge to brave the temperatures out on deck for an hour or so, before you retreat to the open bar for a warming hot chocolate or tot of brandy while discussing the day’s sightings with your fellow guests.

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