Dive into the blue


Descend to the depths of one of the world’s top scuba sites – Belize’s Great Blue Hole. Swim alongside angelfish, barracuda and shark as you explore the crystal-clear waters of this submarine sinkhole.

Almost perfectly circular, this collapsed hole forms part of the UNESCO World Heritage listed Belize Barrier Reef.  Approximately 300 metres wide and 124 metres at its deepest point, scuba buffs flock to the site credited by French explorer Jacques Cousteau as one of the top ten dive spots in the world.

Swim around the inner rim of the sinkhole to see an abundance of marine life including trigger fish, angel fish, blue tang, giant groupers, and several types of reef sharks. Beneath the surface you’ll find otherworldly stalactite-filled caves and limestone formations and impressive coral formations.

We also highly recommend getting an aerial view of the sinkhole on a scenic flight. The rich, indigo hue contrasts dramatically with the surrounding turquoise waters, making it as much of a must-see from above as below.

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