The Amazon and Beyond


Take a boat trip that allows you to penetrate deep into the heart of the Amazon rainforest on a four-day expedition that meanders down the Amazon River.

Wrap it up with a visit to Cusco, a trek to Machu Picchu, ascend to dizzying heights in Lake Titicaca, and you’ve got yourself one epic adventure.

Amazon Incoming

Fly into Lima, Peru, and connect by plane into Iquitos in the Amazon Basin, where you’ll be met and taken to join Delfin I, your home for the next few days. With only four cabins, this river vessel feels extremely luxurious and spacious. The cabins are light-filled from the floor-to-ceiling windows which allow unlimited gazing at the rainforest-clad riverside. All have outdoor terraces, some with plunge pool. Dining is taken very seriously. Expect gourmet food paired with fine wines.

Into the Jungle


For the next few days, your time will be spent exploring the shifting scenes within the Peruvian Amazonia. Skiff boats take you into areas that visitors cannot enter on foot. You will explore the beating heart of the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve, the largest protected flooded forest in the world. Marvel at this pristine rainforest, filled with the guttural roars of howler monkeys and the cries of exotic birds. Huge roots of trees make stepping stones and above you, vines hang down like vast rope swings from the gods. Meet the inhabitants of the jungle: tarantula, sloth, ant, frog and a panoply of birdlife.

On the River

As you make your way down the wide brown river, enjoy spending time on the water. There’s opportunity for kayaking and paddle boarding, and the brave amongst you may care to fish for sharp-toothed piranha and find out whether they are the fearsome creatures we imagine they are. Have a privileged encounter with the ribereños, the people who live along the riverbanks who rely on the rainforest’s resources for food and income. This could be the only human encounter you have – tourists rarely reach this far. You may spot another kind of companion though: the rare pink dolphin. By night see how nocturnal creatures change the river; take a thrilling night safari in the pitch black with only the moon to guide you closer to black caiman and bats.

Peruvian Wonders


Now you’ve explored the Amazon, it’s time to meet the rest of Peru’s wonders. Come back to earth in lively Incan capital Cusco, where the bustle of daily life includes Andean women in local dress, markets selling alpaca wool, a lofty cathedral and old Inca walls at Koricancha. Then take a deep breath and prepared to be wowed: visit the iconic and inconceivable Inca citadel Machu Picchu, set in the cradle of the Andean Mountains. Lastly, admire the largest lake in South America: Lake Titicaca, a shimmering mirror-like lake that Incas believed was the birthplace of the sun. As you prepare for your journey home, you’ll be filled with the incredible sights of Peru – from the deepest Amazonian jungle to the Inca ruins nestled high in Andean mountains. What a ride!


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