Taste Oysters from the sea in Tasmania


Don a pair of waders for the ultimate seafood experience at this working oyster farm. Wade out to your dining table in the middle of the estuary, which is complete with white tablecloth. Oysters are then plucked straight from the sea to your plate within seconds, and served alongside a chilled glasses of Tasmanian sparkling wine.  

Freycinet Marine Oyster Farm, located within Tasmania’s Freycinet National Park, is renowned for its prized Pacific oysters. After entering the water, you’ll visit the cages which incubate these mouth-watering molluscs. The oysters are then shucked to order before your very eyes. Fresh lime wedges and ponzu sauce are on hand, but these plump and smooth oysters really don’t need seasoning at all.

You’ll also learn about the farm’s cultivation methods from a trained guide, as well as gaining an understanding of the wetland and marine ecology. The pristine waters of the cool Southern Ocean ensure a perfect environment for these oysters to develop their distinctive full-bodied flavour, alluring colours and aroma.

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