Safari in the Pantanal


As your canoe meanders through the flooded savannah wetlands, anacondas slither across giant water lilies while caimans and giant otters sun themselves on the riverbank. Your guide scans the horizon for signs of movement, and a glimpse of the elusive jaguar.

Go in search of big cats, reptiles and exotic bird-life in this vast open marshland. The rich ecosystem is home to capybaras, caimans, jaguars, anacondas, monkey, giant otters, endangered hyacinth macaws as well a host of wading and flying birds. There’s little chance of disappointment here – the lack of dense jungle makers the animals much easier to spot than in the Amazon.

Ways in which to view the abundant wildlife are almost as varied as the creatures themselves. Navigating the waterways by boat or canoe is a wonderful way to search for roaming jaguar and other mammals, or spot colourful bird life. You can also saddle up for a horseback safari or explore either on foot or by open top vehicle.

The Pantanal is governed by its rivers. Each year during the November to March wet season, the water levels rise and spill over to cover the vast plains for months.  Whilst mammals seek refuge, millions of birds flock to this aquatic paradise.  From May onwards the water begins to drain and over the coming months land slowly dries up forcing the animals to congregate around waterholes. It is during these months, from April to October, that safari-goers can enjoy the most plentiful sightings.

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