Ramen Adventure


In a city the size of Tokyo, how do you find the best bowl of ramen? Ask an expert of course. Discover the number one noodles in town on this street food safari. 

Aside from sushi, no Japanese food is more popular than ramen. These steaming bowls of noodles, drenched in rich thick broth and laden with meat, spring onions and eggs, are certainly one of our favourite things about visiting Japan. This simple soul food is a world apart from Japanese fine dining, but one not to be missed.

We’ll introduce you to a self-confessed ramen otaku (expert), who will take you to some of Tokyo’s best and most down to earth ramen hotspots. With the help of your guide you will be able to order whatever takes your fancy, while they talk you through the cooking method and ingredients used in the many different types of ramen.

Traditional ramen transcends all social barriers and is a staple of the Japanese diet, so there’s no better way to experience life like a local.

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Meet The Experts

Stephanie Carthy
Raised in Australia but has made England home, Stephanie brings extensive first-hand experience across all seven continents.