Muay Thai Boxing Masterclass


Increase both your fitness and emotional well being with a one-on-one Muay Thai boxing training session. Learn the ‘Art of Eight Limbs’ from an experienced professional tutor in this energetically enriching cultural experience.

Your lesson takes place at Bangkok’s first professionally equipped, luxury Muay Thai gymnasium. Learn authentic fighting techniques during an introductory afternoon class, or immerse yourself completely on a week-long training course. Expert trainers work with you individually based on your experience and fitness level.

Muay Thai is not simply a fighting sport, but has a resounding element of spirituality. Longer sessions will enable you to learn about the sport’s tradition and modern practices, and we can also arrange for you to visit a local training centre and watch an actual Muay Thai fight.

Once you’re done, ease any aching limbs with a herbal steam bath and traditional Thai massage, before refuelling on some fragrant Thai green curry. This fantastic opportunity to pick up a new skill on holiday can’t be experienced anywhere else.

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