Alms Giving in Luang Prabang


Wake before dawn to witness the offering of alms to hundreds of saffron-robed monks. Heads bow in unison as the monks’ golden offering bowls shimmer against the rising sun.

You are taken to the riverbank along Luang Prabang’s sleepy main road to await their arrival. Etiquette demands that you observe the procession silently, while dressed appropriately, and from a discreet distance. One by one, in single file, the monks arrive and offerings of rice and vegetables are accepted. Despite the influx of people, the tranquil morning ambiance of Laos’ spiritual capital remains undisturbed.

Your guide presents you with a small food parcel, freshly prepared that morning, enabling you to become an active part of the captivating ritual. In Buddhist philosophy, the act of giving earns you merit towards the next life. Taking part in this sacred ceremony is an immense privilege, and will be an undoubted highlight of your stay in Laos. Return to your hotel in plenty of time for a hearty breakfast.

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