Laze in Lake Malawi


The crystal-clear waters of Lake Malawi positively brim with tropical fish. Dive to the depths of this freshwater lake and swim beside hundreds of colourful creatures, or grab your mask and fins for a snorkelling extravaganza.

Lake Malawi looks more like an ocean than a lake. Covering almost one fifth of landlocked Malawi, it’s the third largest lake in Africa. Dotted with delightful golden sandy beaches, characterful fishing villages and enchanting tropical islands – to spend a few days here after a dusty safari is pure heaven.

Protected by national park status, this UNESCO World Heritage Site has hundreds of species of endemic fish. Tropical cichlids are known for their bright, unusual colour patterns and diving among them feels like something straight out of The Blue Planet.

There’s a handful of lovely beach lodges, and hardly any people – a winning combination for the weary or those with an aversion to resorts. You’ll have long stretches of beach all to yourself. After dark, discover why explorer David Livingstone dubbed it Africa’s ‘Lake of Stars’ – as the twinkling lanterns used by the fishermen at night light up the horizon.

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