Inside The Volcano


Prepare for the adventure of a lifetime with this unique journey into the depths of Iceland’s dormant Thrihnukagigur volcano.  As the cable lift slowly descends 400 feet into the vast magma chamber, walls aglow with kaleidoscopic swirls of red, orange and green will be revealed, rewarding you with an extraordinary insight into what goes on below the earth’s crust. 

Your journey to the heart of the volcano begins with a guided hike across the lava fields of the Blafjoll mountains. This 45-minute trek, across dried, jagged black lava fields brings you to the top of the cinder cone, where the vast emptiness of the surrounding landscape has an otherworldly beauty.

You are harnessed into a metal lift and gently lowered into the deep crater until just a tiny dot of sunlight remains visible from above and dripping water is the only sound you can hear. As you reach the bottom let your eyes adapt to the spectacular colours that ripple through the chamber walls and picture the sulphur rich gases and lava which once raged through the rock.

Returning to the summit, feast on traditional Icelandic soup while your eyes readjust to the outside world and you process an insight into the natural world that few will ever get to experience.

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