History & Mystery of Ibo Island


Wander amid forgotten fortresses and crumbling colonial homes while listening to tales of pirates, ivory and intrigue. An ancient era comes alive on a guided exploration of Ibo Island, a former trading centre now all but forgotten to the outside world.

Once a prosperous trading post of East Africa’s gold and ivory, Ibo Island is one of 27 islands which make up Mozambique’s Quirimbas Archipelago.

Meet your guide and prepare to take a step back in time as you stroll the island’s streets and villages. Visit the beautiful Catholic Church and ancient cemetery before watching traditional silversmiths in action at the 17th century main fort. Explore ancient buildings, where Arab and Portuguese architectural influences speak of the island’s long colonial history.

Meet the island’s residents to learn about the unique blend of Muslim and African traditions, and gain insight into the many old tribal customs and religions which are still followed here. There are various ways to immerse yourself in the local culture – get a traditional Ibo face-mask of striking white sunscreen or pay a visit to the local witch doctor for something truly out of the ordinary.

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